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Landscaping Techniques for Privacy

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Landscaping Techniques for Privacy

Garden Privacy Landscape

If you’re looking to create greater privacy within your garden then there are a variety of nifty landscaping techniques that can be used to instantly enclose your garden space.

Does your garden currently feel a touch overlooked? Private and personal places to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones, we understand the importance of feeling secure and out of sight within your own garden. To prevent your nosey neighbours, passers by and any other prying eyes from intruding on your private space, then a helping hand of landscaping is a wonderful way to transform your outdoor areas into one cohesive and secluded space. From soft landscaping schemes to natural screening techniques, landscape design features are a fabulous way of influencing greater privacy without considerably disturbing the natural environment of your garden. Come with us as we explore a variety of luxurious landscaping techniques that could shape your garden into a beautifully private and personal gardenscape.

Seamless screening 

A challenge most commonly found in urban areas, certain aspects of townhouse gardens can often become slightly overlooked by neighbouring properties. However this issue can also pop up in rural locations too! To reduce the feeling of onlooking eyes, there are a range of naturally inspired screening options that can be used to stylishly conceal and define your outdoor spaces. Fencing and trellis are two effective screening techniques that we frequently include within many of our landscape garden designs. Constructed to create a lattice or woven framework, these stylish privacy techniques are excellent for softening boundaries whilst also guiding eyelines away from exploring the garden within. Best complimented with a trained floral climber, soft landscaping techniques can be used on trellis and fencing to influence greater privacy whilst also adding a touch of floral interest to your garden vista.

Stand out garden features 

Treasured spaces to relax and unwind, gardens are glorious areas to enjoy a spot of quiet time with a refreshing drink or good book as you tune in to the sights and sounds of your outdoor surroundings. Wonderful spots for social occasions such as outdoor dining and casual catch-ups, garden features such as pergolas and arbours are fabulous features for hosting a variety of garden get togethers. For a moment of quiet away in the shade, arbours are also especially useful when dotted throughout the garden to create private spots of interest.

Walled gardens 

A popular garden feature that is frequently seen within many Victorian garden designs, walled gardens are striking features that can be used to form a sheltered and protected space for growing blooms, culinary produce and creating the perfect environment for exotic planting varieties. Framing an idyllic and concealed gardening area, walled gardens are wonderfully aesthetic and enhance your lifestyle tremendously as they give you access to an array of fresh home grown vegetables, fruits and blooms. Structured from gorgeous stone walls, walled gardens are the ultimate place for a secluded and tranquil gardening experience.

Gates and private entrances 

Do you ever find yourself catching a glimpse of eyes popping over into your garden or gazing up your driveway? A grand gateway or gated entrance is the perfect way to prevent any potential onlooking eyes. Sculpted from a variety of naturally toned materials to create a seamless garden landscape, gateways and private entry points are a fabulous way of creating a selection of secure and camouflaged entrances to your home.

Bespoke planting schemes

If you’re looking for a softer way of enclosing your garden then a carefully curated planting recipe is a fabulous way of breaking up your landscape so that any part of your garden can be subtly hazed and hidden from view. Adding great structure and form to your garden, we often include a selection of Leylandii hedging to our designs to create a series of soft planting barriers. Hornbeams, Thuja and Laurel hedging are a few other examples that our planting team often use within our designs to frame effective and aesthetic privacy solutions.

Sheltered seating areas 

After a long and busy day, gardens can be a vital place for you to plunk yourself down for a quiet moment of you time. Covered by a gently cascading canopy or rustic rooftop, dotting a selection of sheltered seating areas throughout your garden allows you private access to a variety of exclusive spots for you to fully immerse yourself within the enviroment of your garden. Framing a secluded retreat for you to head to for a spot of peace and quiet, dress your seats with outdoor friendly furnishings and create a cosy hideaway concealed from curious eyes and everyday noise.

Looking to shape your garden into a private and exclusive retreat? Get in touch today to find out how our garden design team could transform your outdoor space using a variety of unique and effective landscaping methods.

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