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How to Use Sleepers Stylishly

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How to Use Sleepers Stylishly

Kitchen Garden Design

Are you looking to add a stylish and natural aesthetic to your garden? Slick and seamless, sleepers are a wonderful yet understated way of adding natural garden features and structure to your garden.

Crafting delightful raised beds for both kitchen and cutting gardens, to authentic garden furniture, sleepers are incredibly versatile timber pieces that can be used to enhance many different aspects of the garden without disrupting the natural landscape of your outdoor space. From rustic pathways to elegant decking, let’s uncover a range of unique ways that you can use traditional railway sleepers to enhance your garden’s natural vista. 

Elegant edging and retaining walls

Is your garden in need of a little extra form and organisation? Maybe you’re looking to create a secluded woodland area or shape a natural partition? A material that maintains the natural landscape of your garden beautifully, sleepers shape a wonderful wooden barrier that enhances the native ambience of your garden. When placed vertically, sleepers can also be adjusted in height, allowing you to create a wall that is both to your desired height and constructed from a raw, garden-friendly material. 

Natural raised beds

Looking to create a fragrant and flourishing cutting garden? Using a collection of modern wooden sleepers, why not frame your very own exclusive and secluded cutting garden, shaped with an assortment of raised beds! Brimming with a variety of burgeoning blooms, raised beds provide a glorious home for florals without affecting the natural vista of your garden. Protecting your blooms from coming to harm on the ground, raised beds also encourage a healthy plant life cycle, as they allow for the soil embedded inside to be perfectly aerated. 

If the idea of freshly home-grown produce at your fingertips is more to your taste, then you’ll be pleased to know that sleepers can also be utilised to form smart and stylish kitchen gardens. Building a modern growing space full of herbs, vegetables and fruits, sleepers can be used to fashion a slick and fruitful kitchen garden scene. If bending down is a struggle for you or your loved ones and has prevented you from gardening in the past then raised beds provide the perfect alternative. Allowing for an inclusive and hands-on gardening experience, raised beds ensure that individuals of all mobility are welcomed into the garden.

Rustic furniture 

If you’ve been dreaming of a garden design that encapsulates a rustic and authentic countryside feel, then a touch of unique garden furniture is a wonderful way to achieve this. And you guessed it, sleepers can even be to used to construct garden furniture too!

From naturally-inspired coffee tables to durable garden benches, sleepers can be assembled together to create unusual and eye-catching pieces of furniture. Blending effortlessly throughout your garden, a handful of sleeper benches slotted into an assortment of spaces can form a variety of quaint garden retreats. Dotted around your garden, these secret spaces allow you a private hangout to take in your surroundings and immerse yourself in the peaceful nature of your garden. 

Sunken paths 

Drift away into a woodland fantasy garden, dressed with a palette of mesmerising blooms such as bluebells and foxgloves. If your garden has a particularly shaded woodland space with noble trees and whimsical woodland florals, then why not complete the visual with an enchanting sunken path. Nestled into the ground, sleepers can be used to construct striking staggered pathways that invite you to explore various hidden spaces concealed in the garden.

Interested in framing a naturally beautiful landscape garden? Talk to us to find out how our skilled in-house landscaping team shape outdoor spaces into seamless garden escapes.

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