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How To Design A New-Build Garden

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How To Design A New-Build Garden

new build garden design

New-build gardens may seem like challenging spaces to be tackled at first glance however these beautiful blank canvases are full of opportunity and are just waiting to be brought to life with a spot of luxurious landscaping. 

No matter the shape or size of your garden, whether it is slightly sloping or flat, new-build gardens can be transformed from bare open spaces into cohesive and dreamy garden designs. Whether you wish to achieve greater privacy, create a flourishing growing space, or to enhance your space with a series of outdoor living spots then our garden designers are the perfect team to open your eyes to a range of bespoke features that could be easily embedded into your landscape. Let’s uncover how our professional in-house landscaping team could transform your new-build garden into an established and thriving landscape design.

Enhancing privacy 

New-build gardens can sometimes be surrounded by onlooking houses nearby. Therefore, with a few creative landscaping techniques our skilled landscaping team are able to stylishly encourage greater privacy in your garden using a variety of naturally aesthetic landscaping techniques.

Pergolas are a perfect example of how you could create a private space for you and your family to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Providing a glorious sheltered spot for year round garden entertaining, pergolas can be dressed with a range of stylish soft furnishings to create a cosy garden retreat.

If you’re looking to use soft landscaping techniques to encourage greater privacy then a collection of trees positioned adjacent to fencing or hedging is a fantastic way to add both height and seclusion to your garden. Trellis is another handy technique that can be used to train a range of vibrant climbers such as Clematis and Trachelospermum. Adding fragrance and blooms to your garden, trellis is a subtle way to implement a soft touch of privacy to your design.

Outdoor living features 

If you’re a lover of outdoor dining or hosting glorious garden parties then an outdoor kitchen is an essential feature to slot into your garden. Seamlessly slotted into our designs, outdoor kitchens are incredibly versatile spaces that can be used throughout the seasons.

If you’re looking to head out into the garden to create a prosperous and flourishing growing space then a kitchen garden is a beautiful feature to install within your garden. With raised beds allowing greater accessibility, kitchen gardens are the best way to encourage a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Or if you’re looking to fill both your garden and your home with an array of beautiful garden grown blooms then a cutting garden is another unique garden feature to improve your nectar-score, that encourages a wonderfully pollinator-friendly space.

Garden routes and trails 

Guiding yourself and your guests to explore the grounds around you, a series of garden routes, gravel chip pathways or trails is a fantastic way to increase the visual interest throughout your garden. Allowing you to create a series of focal points for elements such as water features, sculptures or seating areas, establishing a collection of walkways throughout your landscape is a stylish way to frame a creative and striking garden vista.

Looking to transform your blank canvas garden into a cohesive landscape? Talk to us today to discover how our skilled in-house landscaping team could establish a series of unique garden features into your gardenscape. 

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