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8 Captivating Cut Flowers

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8 Captivating Cut Flowers

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Is your garden crying out for a splash of colour and floral fragrance? Discover 8 captivating cut flowers that guarantee to awaken your landscape.

If your garden is looking rather bare and lacking a touch of colour, then a cutting garden is a fantastic feature to embed within your garden’s natural landscape. Planted bespoke to burgeon an assortment of beautiful homegrown blooms, our skilled in-house landscaping team establish raised beds seamlessly into our designs. Perfect for awakening both your garden and your interiors with heavenly floral scents and palettes, explore our planting team’s top 8 captivating cut flowers.

1. Allium 

Bold blooms that shoot skyward for a dramatic and aesthetic garden look, alliums are cutting garden essentials. A favourite of our planting designers is Allium stipitatum ‘Mount Everest’ (pictured below). Freshly snipped, these hardy perennial bulbs make for wonderful cut blooms.

2. Cosmos

Easily grown, Cosmos are cheerful cutting garden delights that ensure to brighten any space with a burst of vibrancy. Fabulous for attracting pollinators into the garden, Cosmos are available in a variety of different colours and diffuse a glorious scent throughout both the garden and your home.

3. Digitalis purpurea

Most commonly known as foxgloves, Digitalis purpurea is arguably one of the cutting garden’s most statement blooms. Displaying grand and speckled flowers, foxgloves are striking plants that flourish spectacularly during the summer months.

4. Euphorbia oblongata

A cut flower foliage plant that bears an abundance of lime green flowers, Euphorbia is a divine flower that can be used to create magnificent floral arrangements.

5. Aster x frikartii ‘Mönch’

A vibrant clump-forming perennial, Aster × frikartii is a delightful daisy-like flower that is a must-have to plant within your cutting garden. Flowering from summer through until autumn, these large lilac flowers are the perfect blooms to bring indoors to enhance your interiors.

6. Echinacea purpurea

Better known as the purple coneflower, Echinacea purpurea is a glorious upright perennial that flowers through summer and autumn. Wonderful for attracting wildlife and pollinators into the garden, Echinacea boasts a glorious statement flowerhead, contrasting bright pink petals against a golden disk.

7. Echinops 

Known as globe thistle, echinops has an unusual round flowerhead and pointy leaves which create magnificent visual interest. Attracting waves of bees, butterflies and insects into the garden, Echinops is a valuable planting addition that can most commonly be found within many gravel garden designs.

8. Rosa

There is nothing quite as picturesque as a vase of freshly snipped garden roses. Filling your garden with dreamy, sweet scents, roses are traditional English cutting garden blooms that are the true signifier of summer’s arrival.

Looking to enhance your garden with a thriving and flourishing cutting garden? Talk to our specialist soft landscaping team today to discover how we can help create your dream cutting garden space.

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