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How to Create a Spooky Halloween Container

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How to Create a Spooky Halloween Container

Halloween Container

This spooky season why not infuse a touch of Halloween throughout your garden by creating your very own Halloween container? 

Filled with dense textures and a Halloween-inspired palette, handpick a stylish urn and begin creating your very own Halloween masterpiece. From deep purples to pumpkin orange, our expert planting design team have crafted a planting recipe perfect for you to re-create within your own garden this October. A wonderful way to begin your Halloween celebrations and a fantastic half-term activity for your little ones, join us as we show you how you can create a vibrant Halloween container this autumn.

1. Miscanthus sinensis

Firstly, when choosing your pot you want to make sure that it is a rather large and spacious container. Our planting team would recommend around 60cm+ to ensure that there is enough room for all of your plants to fit comfortably, and allowing for growth. To kick off your urn with a misty and mysterious vibe, place the delightful Miscanthus sinensis as your centrepiece. Known as ‘silver grass’, this striking grass is wonderful for adding movement to your container, imitating the flow of a spider’s cobweb when caught in the breeze. Boasting a beautiful structure, these grasses are also wonderful for dressing with decorations to frame a truly curious and misty scene.

2. Agastache

Reaching for the stars, Agastache is a magical planting choice, shooting up into the sky with deep purple spires. Diffusing a perfume similar to liquorice, these beautiful purple blooms are wonderful for adding a pop of colour to the garden and create an idyllic scene when paired with a collection of grasses. Almost as if they are shooting up and out from a witches cauldron, Agastache makes a charming addition to a spooky garden container.

3. Ophiopogon planiscapus 

To line the edges of your planter, include a collection Ophiopogon planiscapus. A gorgeous dark perennial that is most commonly known as ‘black mondo’, this dense evergreen boasts a collection of spidery leaves but also blooms a spread of deep purple blooms in the summer and produces black berries in the autumn. Overflowing the rim of the pot like a collection of large spider legs, Ophiopogon planiscapus is a plant that almost seems as if it were designed for Halloween, with its dark composition and spidery structure.

4. Kniphofia Ember Glow

Otherwise known as ‘red hot poker’, Kniphofia is striking statement perennial that thrives best in a sunny area with dappled shade. Boasting vibrant pumpkin orange blooms, our planting team adore how these plants awaken an autumn garden with fiery bursts of colour.

5.  Callicarpa

A garden treasure that thrives in the cooler months, Callicarpa, otherwise known as “beauty berry”, are striking shrubs that produce clusters of amethyst berries throughout the autumn. Contrasting against deep emerald foliage, these leaves slowly shift into a seasonal blend of ruby and gold. Bringing containers to life with a dark and spooky palette, Callicarpa is a fantastic choice for adding a pop of colour to your garden this Halloween.

6. Physalis alkekengi 

Most commonly known as “Chinese lanterns”, these tall and vibrant perennials make a charming addition to your halloween container. Flourishing petite lemon blooms, these delicate flowers then morph into tangerine lanterns and are illuminated beautifully in the sunshine, forming a spooky halloween trail throughout your container.

7. Sarcococca

Rising up adjacent to the Kniphofia, you should next plant the sweetly scented Sarcococca. Fabulous for adding autumn/winter interest throughout the garden, Sarcococca is a glorious evergreen shrub that will add a wonderful depth and breadth of texture to your container due to it’s glossy green leaves and dainty ivory blooms.

Once all combined and planted up in nutrient-rich compost, your Halloween container is now prepped and ready to go! Position by your front door or further down your garden and watch as your outdoor spaces are illuminated with a spot of seasonal autumn colour (and a hint of spookiness too!).

Looking to awaken your garden with a specialist planting design? Get in touch today to find out how our skilled planting team could reinvent your outdoor spaces with floral vibrancy and texture.

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