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How to Create a Flavoursome Coronation Planter

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How to Create a Flavoursome Coronation Planter

Coronation Container

Over the past few weeks, our soft landscaping team have been busy designing an array of Coronation-themed containers in anticipation of the forthcoming Coronation this weekend. 

Whilst we have created a variety of wonderfully fragrant and floral containers, we also wanted to design an edible container alternative into the mix. Brimming with flavoursome herbs, fruits and edible flowers, this container recipe creates a verdant planter whilst also providing a number of unique ingredients to enliven your meals and home-made recipes. Come with us and let’s learn how you can compose your very own edible coronation container.


With delightful culinary notes and hints of distinctive flavour, our soft landscaping team handcrafted this recipe to bring both accessible flavourings and a vivid planter to your garden this May.

Oregano – Best planted in a sheltered yet particularly sunny space, oregano is a wonderful home-grown herb that can be plucked and used to enhance a range of dishes or even pasta sauces.

Marjoram – With slightly sweeter leaves than oregano we have marjoram. A charming plant with fragrant foliage, it’s pink or even white blooms attract a number of beneficial pollinators to the garden.

Bronze Fennel – A glorious salad ingredient that can be enjoyed both raw or roasted, this perennial herb bears petite yellow blooms and is best known for its recognisably sweet liquorice taste.

Garlic Chives – Flourishing small white blooms, garlic chives are a flavoursome herb that can be used within the kitchen to season stir-fries to seafood.

Caraway – A dried fruit sourced from the plant, caraway produces small seeds that can be used within breads, salads and soups etc. Known for its earthy and unusual flavouring, caraway leaves and roots can also be consumed.

White Violas – Best added to salads or nestled within ice cube for drinks, white violas are an edible bloom that are most commonly used to garnish cocktails and iced drinks.

Wild Strawberries – Delectable fruits known for their sweet taste and healthy nature, wild strawberries are an English delight that can be plucked fresh from your very own garden. Why not enjoy them with sugar or cream to create a heavenly home-grown dessert?

Apple Mint –  Chosen for its apple stripe and larger, softer leaves to other mints. Apple mint has a scent of russet apples, which is great in summer drinks and beautiful in salads. It produces a white flower and makes a great cup of tea. Do not remove this one from it’s pot as, like all mints, it can be a bit of a thug and will spread vigorously, taking over the container and crowding out the other plants unless kept in check.

Planting Notes:

Firstly we plant the marjoram and oregano in the centre area with their similar leaves, placing the 3 white violas as a wide triangle of white to give balance amongst the verdant greens. We then plant 3 x wild strawberries on the edges of the pot, as this will allow them to trail down. Trial the plant support in the pot first so you’ll know how best to place the bronze fennel and caraway, ready to tie into the structure at the end.

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