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How to Transform Your Garden Into A Pooch-Friendly Paradise

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How to Transform Your Garden Into A Pooch-Friendly Paradise

Garden Pet-friendly Paradise

If you want to entertain your dog without ruining your daffodils, here is your answer.

“I am longing to landscape my garden BUT I have a dog”. 

Does this sound like a phrase you would use? Well, you will be delighted to know it’s a thought you no longer need to ponder. This article will reveal some simple yet superb features to install into your garden that will both please your eye and your handsome hound.

Structures to Suit Your Playful Pooch 

When they aren’t lying on your lap or pleading for more pedigree bites, man’s best friend loves to explore. And you will be over the moon to learn that this exploration doesn’t have to destroy your prize vegetables or your blossoming bluebells! Here are some garden features that your adorable doggies will go barking mad for: 

  1. A Dog-Friendly Pond –  A pond is an excellent aesthetically pleasing water feature for your garden. A contemporary stainless steel fountain that gently sends crisp water plummeting down into a pool of tranquility is the perfect place for owner and pet to relax and unwind. 

Keeping your pet’s safety is a top priority, sloping edges are an essential asset that prevent accidental slips and trips. Fences and hedges could also be an alternative solution. A constant flow of water provides a safe area for your pet to enjoy a refreshing drink in the hot summer season. It is usually advised that a tree or covered area is present nearby in order to prevent your pooch from overheating. 

Safety surrounding ponds is extremely important for you and your loved ones. Therefore, to ensure your dogs aren’t at risk, check this guide on pet safety within the garden.

Garden Pet-friendly Paradise
These sloping edges coupled with a falling stream of water would provide a safe yet scenic pond alternative, perfect for your pet.

2. Tunnels, Mazes and Paths – Our curious canines love to investigate their surroundings, especially their own gardens. So, why not infuse an essence of excitement into your garden by adding a tunnel or a maze? An activity that can keep the children and the pets occupied at the same time! What more could you possibly want?

Dogs love to follow paths and a maze is sure to get their tails wagging. Mazes can create a sense of mystery within your own garden. Whilst being a luxurious, decorative piece of landscaping, mazes also provide great entertainment for all the family and for your furry friends. 

Garden Pet-friendly Paradise
This maze makes the perfect adventure playground for your puppy, complete with plenty of plants to stimulate their senses.

Another simple yet effective method is the installation of a trail or path that threads through your garden. Paths are an artistic yet personally authentic structure that provide a system to your grounds. These personalised trails enable you to have the option to install raised flower beds and vegetable patches, preventing any potential doggy damage. This flowery network will be a pleasure for you to view and a thrilling adventure for your four legged friend. 

Garden Pet-friendly Paradise

When selecting the material for your path, make sure to choose large stones rather than fine shingle as this could be a fatal choking hazard for small children and your pets. 

3. Only Mucky Pups Allowed in the Sandpit

If your dog loves to dig holes and destroy your fresh green grass, here is the solution. What if your dog had his/her very own sandpit?

Bury as many bones, treats and toys as you can find and watch your hound play recklessly for hours whilst your turf and your heart rate stays untouched. Dogs require a vast amount of exercise therefore activities such as the sandpit and the action of exercising for their food has many health benefits for your dog. This box will keep your playful pup entertained, will create minimal mess and most importantly it will keep your pristine garden hole-free. Sandpits can be subtly slotted into any garden and can be designed to suit the theme of your garden using various different types of wood, such as pine wood (which is a safe, non-toxic wood for dogs). 

4. Wagging Through the Window 

Dogs are very curious creatures, who love to observe the outside world. Therefore, rather than limiting them to the activity within your garden, why not install a futuristic window in the fence?

This modern porthole will allow your nosy pet to explore a bit further afield. Minimalistic and subtle, this window will entertain your dog without disrupting the layout of your garden. This hidden attraction is also very entertaining for small children and provides another sense of mystery to your home. A feature that will decrease feelings of isolation in your pet and feed their curiosity instead. 

5. Install a Dog Shower

Finally, after all that time spent ‘being busy’ in the garden, you might find your pup’s paws a bit muddy (or worse!).  Keep your furnishings clean without any hassle and install and outdoor dog washing station.

There are some beautiful options for outdoor dog showers, from a simple thermostatic shower stored neatly in it’s box on a wall to a purpose built miniature bathroom with tiled stall, shower screen and your dog own bathroom cabinet for shampoo and towels.

A dog shower is brilliant for big dogs that heavy to lift into the tub or for little floofs that love to be pampered. But best of all, it takes all the effort out of keeping muddy paw prints at bay.

Now your pooch is catered for, you no longer have to fret. Your luxuriously landscaped garden awaits you! 

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