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Horti-Futurism – The Latest Garden Trend

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Horti-Futurism – The Latest Garden Trend

horti-futurism landscape garden design

A trend that we have seen circulating in 2024, horti-futurism is an unforecasted garden style emerging throughout landscape design.  

Inspired by sustainable techniques and contemporary garden design, horti-futurism is a forward-thinking garden style that focuses on the preservation and resilience of our landscapes. Crafted to enhance our lifestyles whilst protecting and supporting our natural environments, horti-futurism takes great influence from pop culture. Including the latest technology, sustainable practices and planting schemes, let’s uncover the main features to look out for in horti-futuristic gardens.

Bold patterns

From statement patios to geometric paving, horti-futuristic designs contain a variety of striking patterns and eye-catching shapes throughout their composition. Hard landscaping elements such as patios, pathways and raised beds are an easy way to incorporate sharp lines and patterns into your design. Enhancing your garden with a contemporary and futuristic feel, hard landscaping is a fantastic way to add modern materials and outdoor structures into your landscape.

Striking patterns can also be integrated for a futuristic feel using soft furnishings such as outdoor rugs, cushions and throws.

Bright colour schemes 

A key element of horti-futuristic designs is that they include bright and statement colour schemes. Filling your garden with visual interest, this engaging aesthetic can be achieved through vivid planting palettes to bold garden furnishings. Flamboyant neon tones and silver-tinted shades are especially popular in horti-futurism as they are incredibly helpful for enhancing a sci-inspired garden aesthetic.

Echinacea purpurea and Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ are two wonderful example plants that our planting designers would suggest when designing and establishing a horti-futuristic landscape.

Art, decor and technology 

Ensuring to impart an innovative and advanced feel to your gardenscape, fountains and water features are a beautiful way to add a technological touch to your garden. Adding movement to your landscape and increasing the sensory value of your garden, water features create a heavenly soundscape that are fabulous for supporting local wildlife.

With more of us heading outside to make the most of our gardens throughout the year, it’s no surprise that outdoor dining spaces are important elements in horti-futuristic designs. Outdoor kitchens fitted with natural stone work surfaces, fridges, pizza ovens and more are fantastic for welcoming in guests to enjoy your natural surroundings for years to come. Accompanied by a roaring firepit, these modern features are the best way to make sure that you make the most out of your outdoor space all year round.

Sculptures are another decorative way to add a modern and artistic touch to your horti-futuristic design. Providing a unique and contemporary focal point, sculptures fill your garden with interest and are extremely beautiful when illuminated by spotlights during the nighttime.

Sustainable strategies 

Using recycled and reclaimed materials throughout your garden design is an effortless way to thread horti-futuristic notions throughout your garden. With many more of us becoming environmentally conscious and looking to integrate sustainable techniques into our everyday lives, using recycled materials and garden features is a great place to begin.

Easily integrated into your design, rainwater harvesting and composting facilities are two handy ways of promoting a greener and more environmentally friendly garden. Wooden composting bays hand-crafted by our skilled landscaping team are a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint whilst providing your garden with nutrient-rich compost throughout the year.

Significantly reducing your need for supermarket bought foods and blooms, kitchen gardens and cutting gardens are an essential feature for horti-futuristic gardens. Supporting pollinators and providing you with organic home-grown produce, embedding a vibrant growing space into your landscape is the foundation for building the most sustainable and resilient gardenscape.

Interested in adding a touch of horti-futurism into your garden? Talk to us today to discover how our skilled in-house landscaping team could transform your garden.

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