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Home for Christmas

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Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

Finally Christmas is here! Sing your heart out to Chris Rea as you drive home for the big day and stride in to your snug abode. Drizzle a toasty mince pie in freshly chilled cream and unwind whilst the festivities commence around you. 

As we all know, this time of year is going to be slightly different for us all. So, here at Bloomsbury Home, we believe that it is even more important this year that our homes hearten us, interiors sparkle and our gifts gleam. Whether your celebrations are going to be fairly quiet or you are lucky enough to be spending it with your nearest and dearest. Here at Bloomsbury, we want to ensure that wherever your bubble is, it is filled with the most exquisite homeware. After all, it is the little things in life that we have learnt to appreciate the most. 

Come with us, as we show you how to add a splash of magic to your home with a helping hand from Bloomsbury. 

Making the moment 

The celebrations may be slightly quieter this year, so we think you deserve to indulge just as much, if not more this year! What a year we’ve had indeed and you certainly deserve to treat yourself to a tangy cheese selection. Fill our Ledwell Paddle Platter to the brim with an assortment of ripe cheeses and scrummy snacks. Afterall, it’s Christmas!

Create the ultimate cheese dream by adding our set of glistening cheese knives to the picture and make those who can’t join you envious over zoom. 

It’s rather chilly, so why not warm up with a helping of whiskey? There is nothing quite like a steaming hot toddy to tingle your taste buds and awaken your senses. When poured into one of our crystal engraved tumblers, the magic of the yuletide becomes diluted within every single sip. Experience a hot toddy like never before (go on, I know you want to!). 

Or why not try our very own Bloomsbury Cranberry Kiss this Christmas. Sweet and fragrant, this moreish cocktail makes a divine beverage. A tasty treat indeed, that will leave you wanting another glass.

A cosy home

Your home is more than just a home. Your home is a place to create cherished memories and experiences with the ones you love most as we look forward to 2021.

There comes a time during the seasonal holidays where we find ourselves snuggled up on the sofa with the ones we love, eating chocolate, playing board games or engrossed within the tv. And these are the moments that we wish we could pause. The moments where we truly escape from the world and appreciate the blessings that we have. Where we scan the room in slow motion, internally smiling at each individual thinking “wow I am the luckiest person alive”. 

These are the moments we cherish most here at Bloomsbury. The foundations of our collection, we hope to brighten these special moments for every individual with our breathtaking furnishings, such as our magic Cosmo Cushions. Available in three fabulous sizes, these captivating cushions ensure to jazz up both your indoor and outdoor seating areas, whilst creating a cosy paradise. Who knew that cosiness could be transferred outdoors so easily?

For a truly flawless finish, why not pair these abstract cushions with one of our Tew Rugs. Sustainable and stylish, these rugs would complete a cosy cabin look. 

If you’re wondering how to transport the cosiness outside, then look no further as we have the answer. Our Light My Table by Vincent Sheppard is the perfect lighting feature for framing an idyllic outdoor scene. After a year of ups and downs, these twinkling lights are perfect for garden meets and small bubble gatherings. A true garden showstopper. 

A lot of spare time 

This year has meant that the vast majority of us have been spending a lot more time at home than we usually would. So, what better time to throw yourself into hobbies that you wouldn’t usually have time for, such as baking? Bake a variety of irresistible treats and display them within our embellished Scrumbles Jar. Who knows, by the end of the holiday season you might have become the next Paul Hollywood! 

If baking isn’t your cup of tea, then why not immerse yourself within the great outdoors. Fill up our Backpack UNIMAK by Alaskan Maker with homemade picnics and go out exploring! Discover places in your local area that you had never seen before and get lost within nature.

This time of year can feel rather overwhelming and hectic. The act of being outdoors is a key practice of mindfulness that can resolve these feelings. If you are looking for a gentle activity to soothe your mind this holiday then why not try gardening? Our Hort Hand Trowel is the perfect place to start. You can find more tools to get you going within our In the Garden section of the shop. 

We wish you the loveliest most cosy Christmas, from all of us here at Bloomsbury! And we hope our unique homeware adds light and sparkle to your home this festive season and into the coming year. 

Eager to see more? Then come on in from the cold, and have a browse of our beautiful Bloomsbury Home today! 


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