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Grassless Garden Ideas

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Grassless Garden Ideas

grassless gardens

Grassless gardens are stylish designs that have risen in popularity and are prevalent at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 

If you’re looking to create a slightly more low-maintenance landscape, then a grassless garden could be the perfect style to reinvent your garden scene and suit your needs. From expansive paved spaces to heavenly gravel trails, there are so many different materials and luxurious landscaping techniques that you can incorporate into your design to create a magnificent garden landscape.

Come with us, as we show you how our skilled garden designers craft blissful grassless gardens.

Expansive paved spaces

Enhancing your garden with a smart and polished aesthetic, paving slabs are a beautiful material that our skilled in-house landscaping team use to create beautiful garden landscapes. An essential element for garden entertaining, paved spaces are best completed with a collection of outdoor pieces of furniture to create a wonderfully idyllic outdoor living space. From outdoor kitchens to prime pergola locations, there are a number of ways that our designers use paving to transform our gardens into fabulously functional areas.

Gravel gardens

Most commonly associated with Mediterranean planting schemes, gravel gardens frame beautiful gardenscapes that are brought to life with an assortment of drought-tolerant plants. Versatile, well-draining and high in sensory value, gravel gardens allow you to fill your garden with striking blooms and plants that increase the nectar-score of your garden and are incredibly valuable to beneficial pollinators. Suited to gardens of all shapes and sizes, gravel gardens are unique designs that can be designed specifically to your tastes and styles.

Seamless decking 

Hand-crafted bespoke to slot into a variety of different-sized garden spaces, decking is a fantastic way to enhance your landscape. Framing an idyllic retreat to entertain friends and family, expansive decking areas are an effective way to make the most of your garden space. Tempting you outside to enjoy your garden throughout every season, decking is a stylish feature that you can make the most of all year round.

Grassless gardens at Chelsea Flower Show 2024

At this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, we’ve seen lots of incredible and innovative garden designs, with many of these designs perfectly demonstrating how you can create glorious gardens without using grass. The Ecotherapy Garden designed by Tom Bannister is a beautiful example. Set in a London courtyard garden, The Ecotherapy garden incorporates a collection of walls, handmade troughs and rills to create a sensory paradise.

Explore more of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show award winners here. 

Talk to our garden designers today to discover how we could shape your garden into a glorious grassless garden. 

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