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Luxurious Landscaping Materials

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Luxurious Landscaping Materials

luxurious landscaping materials

Completing our garden designs with the most polished and exquisite finish, our skilled team use luxurious landscaping materials to give our designs the ultimate wow factor. 

In cooking, the highest-quality ingredients are known to create the most delicious meals. And similarly the same goes for landscaping. Using the highest quality and most hard-wearing materials is essential for creating the most striking and glorious garden landscapes. From the finest Cotswold chippings to crisp porcelain slabs, discover our team’s favourite landscaping materials and why.

Cotswold stone

A form of limestone, Cotswold stone is a beautiful sedimentary rock that is frequently used in construction and landscaping due to its long-lasting and aesthetic qualities. Enhancing your garden with a wonderfully textured and versatile palette, our team use Cotswold stone to handcraft walls, lower retaining walls, and expansive flagstone patios.

Indian sandstone

Available in a huge variety of colours, Indian sandstone is a fantastic material that is used to create a crisp assortment of paving slabs. Hard-wearing and incredibly weather-resistant, our team use Indian sandstone slabs to form beautifully paved areas for idyllic garden entertaining all year round.

As seen below, our skilled landscaping team enhanced this glorious country garden with a striking terrace constructed from yellow mint sandstone.

Timber sleepers

Essential foundations for flourishing growing spaces, timber sleepers form wonderful raised beds, crucial for creating heavenly cutting and kitchen gardens. Creating a stylish and rustic garden scene, our designers adore how raised sleepers effortlessly form blissful pockets for homegrown produce and blooms.

Cotswold chippings 

Perfect for wrapping around raised beds to form glorious garden trails and walkways, Cotswold chippings are a beautiful material that have many different uses throughout the garden. Crafting elegant gravel driveways, charming garden pathways and rockeries filled with beautiful blooms, Cotswold chippings are high in sensory value and put the finishing touches to our eye catching garden designs.

Porcelain paving 

Most frequently used in our contemporary garden designs, porcelain paving is a fabulous material choice if you are looking to create a refreshed and modernised garden scene. Easily installed, weather-resistant and incredibly versatile, these are just a few reasons why porcelain paving is an extremely popular landscaping material.

Is your landscape in need of a refreshment? Talk to our team today to discover how our professional in-house landscaping team could reinvent your outdoor spaces. 

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