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Designing White Gardens

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Designing White Gardens

White Gardens

Minimalistic yet beautifully elegant, white gardens paint a divine garden scene, filled with enchanting blooms and vigorous textures. 

If you have an untouched garden space then a white garden may be the perfect planting design to blend within your garden’s natural landscape. Framing a romantic yet peaceful scene, white gardens are wonderful for filling your garden with visual interest, all the way from dusk until dawn. Including an expansive arrangement of white florals in a variety of hues, the monochromatic planting scheme of a white garden is a fantastic way of awakening your outdoor spaces with repeated patterns and foliage. From waking a shady space to reinventing a blank canvas garden, let’s uncover how a white garden could enhance your home’s natural surroundings.

Why choose a white garden? 

Do you have an eye for minimalistic styles and interiors? Then why not correspond your garden scene to match your home aesthetic? Merging both your home and outdoors harmoniously, white gardens create an enchanting vision of silver and evergreen foliage. Framing a fresh and refined view, white gardens are fabulous for filling your garden with vibrant visual interest all year round. A secluded spot for you to enjoy an afternoon refreshment or the perfect place for a morning stroll, white gardens shape incredibly idyllic areas, allowing you to step out and unwind within the grounds of your very own home.

Planting recipes 

When creating planting recipes for many of our white garden schemes, our designers will first assess the natural landscape of your garden and then curate the scheme accordingly. Paying close attention to your garden’s conditions and natural environment, our skilled soft landscaping team ensure that every garden’s composition is designed bespoke to include plants that will flourish best in the natural climate of that specific space.

When designing a white garden we often plant densely in order to achieve optimum effect. The perfect spot to unwind in all year round, the dreamy palette of a white garden creates a wonderfully calming and soothing setting. Lilium regale, otherwise known as the ‘regal lily’, is a divine white bloom that is a frequently used favourite within white garden design. A tall perennial with striking trumpet-shaped flower heads, Lilium regale’s divine scent and eye-catching features make this bloom the perfect plant for adding both height and texture to create an elegant white scene. To continue a repeated rhythm of height throughout a white planting scheme, Eremurus (or foxtail lilies) are another statement perennial that we see included in many white garden designs. Boasting a gorgeous structure and a sweet collection of petite star-shaped blooms, these spectacular plants frame an utterly tranquil garden retreat.

Displaying glorious clouds of creamy blooms, Hydrangeas add a unique and refined touch to any garden vista. Completing a heavenly ivory scene, Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ is a charming variety that flowers all summer long and produces beautiful cut blooms. When paired with the evergreen delights of Buxus sempervirens, a selection of Buxus balls trimmed and clipped to perfection can effortlessly enhance the luxurious notion of your white garden.

White garden features 

To greater compliment your white garden there are a series of garden features that can be included to create a cohesive and flowing vista. Structural hedging, such as parterres, are a stylish planting option that instantly establish a wonderful sense of form throughout many of our garden designs. Moulding an evergreen outline, the deep green tones of Taxus Baccata hedging and many other varieties immediately flatters the floral detailings of a white planting scheme.

If you are looking to embed a touch of vertical planting within your garden then creating a walled garden within your design is another delightful way in which you can add a bespoke element to your outdoor space. Frame an exclusive walled garden area and bring brickwork to life with a collection of cream climbing roses and pearly-white clematis. Or if you’re looking to include a variety of functional elements within your white garden then arbours and pergolas are a great alternative.  Dress with a collection of beautiful white-flowering climbers and watch as your garden features come to life.

To really immerse yourself within the ambience of your white garden then why not include a secluded seating area within your surroundings? Laid over a gorgeous sandstone terrace, a collection of containers burgeoning with the white shades of Cosmos bipinnatus, penstemon and Anemone hybrida puts the finishing touches to a truly breathtaking garden haven. Snug seating areas also make for the perfect  nighttime viewing spots! Recline back and watch as your white garden comes into its own, as the moon gently hovers above and softly illuminates a contrasting palette of ivory petals.

Interested in creating your own white garden design? Tell us all about your design ideas today. 

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