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How to Thread Art and Decor Into Your Garden Design

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How to Thread Art and Decor Into Your Garden Design

Art Decor Garden Design

Garden design is the best way to transform your outdoor space into a flourishing landscape and there are a series of stylish art and decor techniques that you can embed into your project to create the most cohesive and fluid design. 

Further enhancing your garden’s natural landscape, stylish furnishings, focal points and artistic elements are the perfect way to truly bring your garden design together. Creating a breathtaking vista for you to enjoy from season to season, adding a series of artistic and creative elements into your garden considerably boosts the visual appeal of your outdoor space. Ranging from bespoke planting schemes to eye-catching garden sculptures, let’s explore a few easy ways that you can thread spots of art and decor throughout your landscape design.

Striking sculptures 

Dotting glorious focal points throughout your design, sculptures are a delightful way to personalise and enhance your landscape with artwork. Reflecting your personal tastes and style, sculptures magnify the visual impact of your garden dramatically. Framing a beautiful opportunity for you to create a series of tranquil spots nearby, sculptures create peaceful places to relax and unwind.

We recently caught up with the exceptionally talented sculptor, Hamish Mackie. Read the full interview to discover the beauty and inspiration behind his sculptures.

Water features and fountains 

Effortlessly slotted into a variety of challenging and secluded garden spots, water features are a delightful way to enhance the sensory impact of your garden. Valuable sources for attracting wildlife into your garden, fountains and bodies of water are idyllic elements that are blissful spots to sit beside whilst you tune into the charming sounds concealed within your garden.

Wonderfully decorative, garden rills are a glorious feature that our team love to include within our designs to create stylish and timeless landscapes. Beautifully sunken into gardens of all shapes and sizes, rills are unique garden features that can be used to transform a previously blank space into an expertly crafted water feature.

Elevate your outdoor living spaces

If you’ve recently installed a pergola, gazebo or outdoor living space then dressing your area with a variety of soft furnishings is a fantastic way to transport indoor comforts outdoors. Using a collection of patterned cushions, abstract rugs and silky soft throws, soft furnishings are a brilliant way to create cosy and inviting outdoor scenes.

A feature that can be used all year round, a rustic fire bowl is an essential outdoor living element that can influence a splash of cosiness into any outdoor setting.

Bespoke planting schemes 

Putting the finishing touches to your garden design, a planting scheme filled with flourishing blooms and structured evergreens is the best way to create a landscape that looks utterly divine no matter the time of year or weather conditions. If you have a specific colour scheme or style in mind, our skilled soft landscaping team are able to create bespoke planting schemes tailored to your garden that fill your space with the most glorious textures and fragrances. Paired with decorative elements such as garden mirrors and trellis, these charming features can further encourage greater depth and visual interest throughout your garden.

Looking to transform your blank canvas garden into a cohesive landscape? Talk to us today to discover how our skilled in-house landscaping team could establish a series of unique garden features into your gardenscape. 

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