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Creating a Natural Landscape Garden

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Creating a Natural Landscape Garden

Choosing a garden design style that suits you is such a personal process, which is why the helping hand of an expert eye to walk you through all of your possible visions and opportunities is an essential stepping stone. 

If your tastes sway towards more of a natural and wild look, then picture this. An expansive landscape garden set a glow by soft rays of sunshine and embellished with a crisp natural swimming pool, just waiting for you to cool off and take a dip. Dressed with a handpicked planting design and set in a charming open space, let’s take a look into the creative process of how we shape fascinating landscape gardens, encompassing natural swimming pools to create a variety of wild yet luxurious garden scenes. 

The design: 

Let’s set the scene with a native orchard of specimen fruit and nut trees. Envision walking through a relaxed, native woodland setting to discover a natural swimming pond and landscape set before you. Inspired by nature, swimming ponds are exhilarating spaces that bring a sense of calmness and peace to a hot summer’s day.  The natural environment and act of swimming in fresh water leaves the skin feeling soft, whilst you admire dragonflies and damselflies skimming and dipping into the surface. 

Enhanced by a sustainable planting scheme, a wild yet bespoke story of plants can enrich outdoor features tremendously, softening any hard standings. Improving the soil habitat together with greywater harvesting brings rich rewards in the resilience of the life cycle of plants and nature connected. Whether you look forward to an early morning swim or a sunset read besides the water, then this type of natural garden style may be the best investment for both enhancing your lifestyle and improving your well-being. 

Why have a natural swimming pool? 

Crafting a slick and seamless gardenscape, natural swimming pools make for unusual yet fantastic garden features. Bringing numerous ecological benefits to your garden, these organic pools become a sanctuary for local wildlife. A spot for birds to bathe and pollinators to collect their nectar, these tranquil lagoons allow you to give back to the natural environment in a way that is sustainable but also aesthetic.

Framing a truly mesmerising landscape, natural swimming pools also bring many benefits to you and your family. Significantly lower in cost than a traditional swimming pool, natural pools are also much more affordable to maintain. Swimming in living water that is free from unnatural chemicals has also been found to bring many advantages to both your mind and body. An area for all of the family to enjoy, natural pools are also wonderfully peaceful spots, allowing you to unwind next to naturally flowing water, brimming with wildlife, switching off from the busyness of everyday life.

Zenful garden ponds

If you’re looking to go a touch smaller with your natural garden features, then a secluded garden pond area makes for a delightful alternative. Framing an idyllic and peaceful spot, garden ponds provide a private patch for you to tune in to the gentle hum of wildlife and trickle of water as you relax within your very own outdoor retreat. Brought to life with a dreamy water-friendly planting scheme, ponds are aesthetic spaces that similarly create their own eco-systems just like a natural swimming pond.

Sustainable planting schemes: 

To bring your natural garden to life, sustainable planting schemes are a no-brainer. Designed to include pollen-rich plants and florals best suited to your garden’s environment, a scheme specifically tailored to your garden’s character is the finishing touch that completes your natural outdoor aura. Water lillies and Water hyacinth are just two pond tolerant blooms that thrive by fresh waters.

Why choose a natural landscape style?: 

When re-designing your garden, many hard and prominent garden features may officially rush to your mind, which as we know are not to everyones personal tastes. However, the beauty of garden design is that you can create liveable garden structures from a variety of naturally inspired materials meaning that your garden’s setting is disturbed as little as possible. By including features constructed from native-inspired materials such as pergolas, decking areas and raised beds, ensures that you can transform your garden to suit you and your lifestyle in a way that also compliments your garden’s environment.

There are so many different avenues that you can explore in garden design. Find out today how we can transform your garden into a natural paradise. 

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