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Contemporary vs Minimalist Garden Design

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Contemporary vs Minimalist Garden Design

Contemporary Minimalist Garden Design

Contemporary and minimalist styles are two significant terms that we hear frequently in the world of design. But what exactly are these concepts and what differentiates them? 

With many of us now opting for more simplistic interiors and exteriors, it is no surprise that contemporary and minimalist styles have soared in popularity. Often referred to in similar design scenarios, contemporary and minimalist styles are different concepts altogether and consist of completely differing meanings too! With designs including similarities such as clean lines and corresponding palettes, let’s uncover the main differences between contemporary and minimalist garden designs.

What is Contemporary Garden Design? 

Contemporary gardens most commonly include a theme of uncluttered and clean spaces. Rather than being restricted and recognised as one specific style, the term “contemporary” is an ever-changing concept. Including various trending objects, patterns and colour schemes, contemporary designs pair a range of popular in-fashion features and blend them to create one cohesive and innovative design. Stylish and on-trend, contemporary gardens are wonderful for creating a fluid and modern landscape that corresponds effortlessly with your home and interiors.

Let’s explore some current contemporary garden design elements that we often implement within our designs:

Maximising space

If you have a large open space, then contemporary garden design may be the perfect way to achieve the most from your outdoor spaces. Contemporary garden designs are fantastic for transforming large blank canvases into smart, open-plan designs that encompass a modern garden flow, providing you with a tranquil and spacious place to unwind away from the busyness of everyday life. With the helping hand of a specialist garden designer, you immediately gain access to a variety of contemporary visualisations that pinpoint exactly how you can tailor your space to suit you and your loved ones.

Clean lines and shapes 

Defining and outlining your garden superbly, you can spot contemporary gardens easily as they typically contain an established set of crisp boundaries and lines that are sculpted within the gardenscape. Formed from a selection of natural materials such as stone, wood and metal, these striking materials can be used to craft a variety of contemporary features such as expansive decking, large terrace patios and striking raised beds for cutting and kitchen gardens. Geometric patterns are also popular in contemporary garden design and can be spotted within patios, garden furniture and the overall composition of the garden.

Contemporary planting 

To put the finishing touches to our designs we complete the scene with a breathtaking planting scheme that brings the space together as one. For our contemporary designs, we craft vibrant planting schemes that compliment the harsher lines and shapes with a dressing of colour and agile waves of movement.

Currently trending in the world of contemporary garden design, we have seen bamboo soaring in popularity. Available in a variety of different sizes and colour schemes, the gentle rustle of bamboo evokes a calming nature throughout the garden and its solid form further enhances a structured and contemporary scene.

For a splash of colour, Echinacea purpurea is a wonderful planting choice that brightens up any muted contemporary palette with a radiant pop of pink.

Enhancing your contemporary garden with dense textures and ripples of movement, ornamental grasses are often found within many contemporary garden designs. Filling your garden with year-round interest and structure, grasses such as Miscanthus, Stipa tenuissima and Pennisetum are just a few examples that our planting designers love to include within our designs.

What is Minimalist Garden Design? 

Stemming from the 1960s Minimalist movement, Minimalism is a concept that orginated from the arts. Focusing on functionality, minimalism explores stripping back to basics and including little decoration to promote efficiency and simplicity. Therefore, unlike contemporary style that changes with the times, minimalist style is more of a consistent and structured form of design. Let’s explore the features that you can find within a variety of minimalist garden designs:

Minimalist landscaping

Similarly to contemporary design, when designing a minimalist garden we use a collection of crisp materials to frame an open and neutral landscape. To build the foundations of your minimalist garden we typically use hard landscaping to create expansive spots for leisure, such as large sweeping patios made from vibrant materials such as limestone paving. Raised beds for cutting and kitchen gardens are also very popular in minimalist designs due to their functional attributes and structured aesthetic.

Complimentary planting 

To bring your minimalist garden to life we often dress out designs with a lining of deep evergreen shrubs such as freshly clipped buxus balls and yew hedging. Creating a gorgeous contrast, our minimalist planting schemes often follow a  specific colour scheme that is repeated effectively throughout the garden using shades and tones that elevate the crisp essence of your new gardenscape. Praised for there high sensory value, you can often find lavender dotted throughout many minimalist garden designs too, enhancing a dreamy and tranquil garden scene.

Statement features 

The beauty of minimalist gardens are that they can be designed to suit your preferred aesthetic whilst also enhancing your lifestyle with a series of key statement features. Therefore to enhance the relaxing notion of your landscape, our garden designers often include a selection of authentic water features. Framing a wonderfully serene and secluded atmosphere, the sights and sounds of moving water from a garden pond, fountain, or rill are a delightful way to unwind and complete your scenery with a modern element that is unique to your garden. If you’re looking for a private reading spot or a secluded seating space then a pergola or arbour are two more striking features that can be slotted into a range of tricky and challenging areas.

Interested in creating your very own contemporary or minimalist garden? Get in touch today and discover how our professional garden designers could transform your outdoor space into a trendy gardenscape. 

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