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Cinematic Scenery: Guide to landscaping your outdoor cinema

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Cinematic Scenery: Guide to landscaping your outdoor cinema

Photo credits: www.rattandirect.co.uk A cosy outdoor cinema awaits you

Lights, Planting, Action!

As that much-needed summer breeze rolls in, whispering through the trees and foliage around us, stunning sunsets morphing into a sky full of stars, twinkling away. There is no better way to enjoy the landscape around us than by taking our cosy living room comforts outdoors. From romantic date nights under the stars to fun-filled movie nights with friends and family, let’s uncover how a touch of landscaping could transform your outdoor space into a cinematic paradise.

Location, Location, Location

Selecting the ideal location is paramount as we must consider the scale of your outdoor cinema. Our team can inspire you with design ideas that suit your surroundings. From crafting a decked terrace that offers a platform to set the scene. This space can now accommodate seating arrangements comfortably. When it comes to the screen itself, you can choose to project this against a flat surface that may also be available. Alternatively, our in-house landscaping team can craft the perfect backdrop to be used. Access to power sources are recommended, especially if you plan on incorporating mood lighting to enhance the ambiance. However there are alternatives, such as a moveable projector, and white-washed wall as a cost-effective option that can be taken down during those colder months. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more intimate setting, we can create a snug area using outdoor cushions, deck chairs, bean bags and blankets; hidden away where you can take yourself off into another world. A tee-pee or yurt can offer a more bohemian style and ensure that even during those colder or rainier evenings this space can be enjoyed. Outdoor patterned rugs, multiple coloured cushions and macrame hanging baskets mixed with various plants including both perennials and succulents add to the overall chic boho style. This offers a fresh and relaxed feel to help you decompress and delve into the world of cinema. 

Choose your genre?

Like all landscaping designs, there are a plethora of options to choose from. What’s your favourite genre? 

Are you looking to create a grand blockbuster entrance? Sleek seating on a manicured lawn, embellished with planters leading you down to your seats. Designated spaces for lighting to evoke the atmospheric charm of the movies. Surround sound systems to really help immerse you in other worlds. 

Maybe you are considering more of an indie film? Mellow but marvellous. Crafting that low-key corner of your garden still offers you somewhere to escape, sit back and enjoy the show. Subtle festoon lighting, bunting and blankets create a truly welcoming and snug feel. Whilst using a white blackout cloth to project against, this can be cleared away when needed. This design can give a much more classic feel that can be cleared away when you want to use the area for something else. 

Planting the plot

Your planting can be designed to suit your cinematic experience. A great option would be to have seasonal planting based around the films and genres you watch throughout the year. For example, as summer begins to serenade us, we can enjoy those feel good rom-coms. Beds of roses, lilies and jasmine? Offering a bright and happy feel. Why not create a cutting garden that you can then use for vases within your seating area of the cinema? 

October offers those autumnal shades, perfect pumpkins can be adorned down the aisle of your seating to add to the experience. For your Christmas time movie marathon; plant some Ciburnum bodnantese dawn. The best part about the location being your garden is this is an ever-evolving space that can be enhanced throughout the year.

Blockbuster Bites

What movie experience is complete without your favourite snacks and refreshments? Why not use this landscape design as an opportunity to also incorporate a garden bar? Stocked with all your favourite drinks and snacks to offer during the screening of your choice of films. Popcorn machines can help create that cinema feel, alternatively, these can be incorporated into your garden bar too. Mason jars offering you those sweet treats. Depending on what scale you want to take, make space for tables within your seating arrangements and dine out under the stars whilst enjoying your film of choice. 

Enjoy the show

Once our in-house landscaping team has crafted this space for you, it’s time to arrange your first screening, with friends and family all gathered to  enjoy this new area of your home, taking in this magic feeling of enjoying this experience under the open sky. 

You now have a new delightful way to make the most of these warm summer evenings and create lasting memories with your loved ones. A little planning and creativity can ensure that your outdoor space is not only functional but also somewhere that you can enjoy night after night. Having a secluded space to enjoy outside is a luxury and by tailoring this to your tastes and preferences provides you with years of enjoyment to come. 

So grab some popcorn, dim the lights and let the movie magic begin!

Ready to elevate your outdoor entertainment? Let’s turn your garden into a magical movie haven! With our expertise in landscaping and design, we’ll create the perfect setting for unforgettable cinema nights under the stars.

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