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Balcony Gardens

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Balcony Gardens

Balcony Gardens

An intermediate feature that connects our interiors with the outdoors, balcony gardens are a beautiful way of maximising space whilst creating a unique spot for you to kick back and relax.

No matter the size of the area, the beauty of balcony gardens are that they can bring a number of unfulfilled spaces back to life. Containing a variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables, balcony gardens are a glorious option for awakening your exteriors with hints of fragrance and colour. Got a specific space in mind? Let’s discover the ways in which you can integrate a balcony garden into your home.

Designing your space 

When thinking about the design of your balcony retreat, you firstly want to consider how you plan to use the area. If you’re looking for a secluded space to enjoy your morning coffee or a private place to dive into your latest novel, then why not include a cosy garden swing, furnished with silky soft cushions and throws? 

If the idea of a unique social hangout grabs your interest, then adding a chic set of table and chairs may be an option best suited to you. Providing a fresh alternative from the everyday dining room, enjoy an alfresco dining experience as you soak up your home’s natural surroundings. What if we told you that you can even make the most of your terrace garden at nighttime? Include an exclusive bar area and enjoy a glass of your favourite bubbly beneath the stars, joined by your nearest and dearest. 

Picturesque planting

When thinking about the design of your balcony retreat, you firstly want to consider how much sunlight this area receives. If your balcony sits in a particularly shady spot then it is best to add a splash of colour from a collection of shade-friendly plants such as Hydrangeas. 

Adding beautiful bursts of colour, hydrangeas are perfect for bringing life to areas that receive sporadic touches of sunlight. Acer palmatum, otherwise known as ‘Japanese maple’, is another shade tolerant plant that is best potted and bears a delightful array of vibrant foliage.

Take your kitchen garden to new heights 

Looking to harvest your own home grown herbs and vegetables but struggling to find the space? How about slotting a functional vegetable garden onto your balcony? Burgeoning fresh produce at your fingertips, balconies are a practical way to grow vegetables whilst efficiently utilising dormant outdoor areas. Easily trained up trellis, peas are perfect for growing on balconies that receive frequent flourishes of sunshine. Known for their quick growth, radishes are also fantastic for balcony gardens as they can be planted within a variety of small pots and containers. 

Interested in adding natural garden flavourings to your weekly menu? Then maybe a balcony herb garden would be more to your liking? From thyme to chives, revive your balcony with glorious garden scents and stylise your herbs in aesthetic pots to frame a magical outdoor feature. 

A hub for wildlife 

As well as creating visual interest, planters brimming with blooms attract waves of beneficial pollinators. However, there are other ways in which you can attract wildlife to your balcony area! A wonderfully unusual alternative, why not adapt a vintage styled container into a stylish garden bird bath, giving multiple species a secluded space to cool off and take a drink. If you’re aiming to get a closer look, then bird feeders are another fabulous feature worth incorporating into your garden balcony design.

Interested in transforming an unloved space into a secluded floral sanctuary? Get in touch to discover how we restore outdoor spaces into bespoke designs. 

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