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7 Ways To Boost Well-being In Your Garden

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7 Ways To Boost Well-being In Your Garden

Garden Wellbeing

Encompassing a variety of relaxing features and radiating an orchestra of soothing sounds, gardens are a wonderful way to boost well-being and enhance your lifestyle. 

Designed to awaken your senses whilst relaxing your mind, garden design is a fabulous wellness tool. Crafted to suit you and your lifestyle, landscape design enables you to include a range of exclusive features to encourage a greater sense of wellness throughout your outdoor spaces. Varying from the soft landscaping techniques of immersive planting schemes to the glorious expanses of kitchen and culinary gardens, come with us as we explore 7 easy ways that landscape design can be utilised to boost well-being benefits throughout your garden.

1. Kitchen & cutting gardens

With home grown goodness just a few steps away, kitchen gardens are wonderful features to invest in as they support both your overall well-being, encourage a healthy diet and promote sustainable living. Known to bring enormous benefits to both your mental and physical health, the act of gardening and surrounding yourself within your outdoor spaces is a fantastic way of clearing your mind and getting your body moving. Cutting gardens similarly can too bring enormous benefits to your lifestyle, as it has been found that having fresh blooms dotted around your home can boost mood whilst also brightening up your interiors.

2. Immersive spots of interest

Wonderful for framing a series of focal points, landscape design is fabulous for transforming your blank canvas into a sculpted garden scene. Brought to life with a collection of sweeping gravel pathways or sunken trails, creating a cohesive route throughout your garden is a wonderful way to immerse yourself within the sights and scenery embedded within.

3. Planting for the senses 

Softening hard standings with natural form and colour, planting schemes are the perfect way to complete your garden scene whilst also framing a beautifully tranquil garden setting. Included within many of our sensory schemes, our planting team often include the fragrant delights of Lavandula, Salvia rosmarinus and Sarcococca. High in sensory value, our designers pair these plants with a gorgeous collection of ornamental grasses due to there ability to create a charming flow of movement around the garden.

4. Spa garden spaces

After a long and tiring week, we often dream of a heavenly spa escape. But what if we said that we could bring the spa to you? With saunas found to significantly improve circulation, boost immunity and encourage a better quality of sleep, including a garden sauna within your design is a brilliant way to improve your everyday lifestyle.

5. Water features

A feature that we often associate with relaxation and recuperation, the motion of flowing water has been scientifically proven to lessen feelings of stress and improve mood. From zen garden ponds to running garden rills, water features are aesthetic features that frame a series of peaceful garden spaces.

6. Seating spaces

Creating a quiet spot to relax rushing thoughts and calm your mind, a collection of secluded seating areas are wonderful elements to include within your landscape design. Providing you with a private place to unwind and take in your surroundings, seating areas are extremely versatile spaces that can be moulded to fit into the natural landscape of your garden.

7. Outdoor fitness

Connecting you with nature, an outdoor fitness space or garden gym is a great way to maximise the potential of your landscape whilst also encouraging an active lifestyle. A garden room fitted with air conditioning and sound systems is a great way to get your body moving and pumped ahead of your garden workout.

Interested in boosting your garden with well-being benefits?  Get in touch today to find out how our landscaping team could enhance your lifestyle with a bespoke garden design.

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