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7 Ways To Add Structure To Your Garden

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7 Ways To Add Structure To Your Garden

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If your garden is crying out for a helping hand of visual interest then we’ve got you covered with these 7 easy tips for adding structure to your garden scene. 

If your garden is currently looking rather bare, flat or in need of a touch of structure, then there are a few stylish ways that you can encourage this using a variety of planting and landscaping techniques. From archways and pergolas to glorious evergreen hedgerows, there are so many different ways that you can slot naturally-inspired structures throughout your gardenscape. So, let’s dive in and uncover 7 easy ways that our team help to embed structure into our gardenscapes.

1. Arches 

Perfect for growing climbers such as wisteria, roses and clematis, archways are fantastic for filling your landscape with fragrance and interest. Guiding your eye to explore the grounds around you, archways are wonderful for dotting a series of focal points throughout your garden. Perfect for placing charming seating areas beneath, archways are a great way to boost your garden with unique scents and idyllic floral palettes.

2. Pergolas 

Serene open spaces for garden entertaining and outdoor dining, pergolas are incredibly useful garden structures that can be easily slotted into a variety of tricky garden spaces. Adding height and interest to your garden, pergolas can be softened with a fragrant climber such as honeysuckle and passion flowers.

3. Hedges and evergreens

Forming natural borders and separations within your landscape, hedgerows and evergreens are a great example of how planting can be used to encourage greater privacy and form throughout your outdoor spaces. Portuguese laurel, yew and ilex crenata are just a few examples that our planting team often include within our designs to encourage long-lasting structure throughout our gardens.

4. Pathways

Excellent for forming unique twists and turns throughout your landscape, a selection of pathways or garden trails is wonderful for maximising your garden space and diverting your eye to explore your surroundings.

5. Obelisks and sculptures

Great for supporting climbing plants and framing a striking centrepiece, obelisks make a great addition to any garden. Adding a beautiful sense of style and structure to your garden, sculptures too make fantastic focal points whilst adding an artistic flare throughout your garden scene.

6. Retaining walls

Adding a series of levels to your garden vista, retaining walls are fabulous for dramatically increasing the visual interest of your garden. So, if your garden is currently more of a ‘flatscape’ than a landscape, then a series of retaining walls could be the perfect solution for you.

7. Garden rooms

Enabling you to make the most of your garden from season to season, a series of garden rooms are the best way to enjoy and immerse yourself within your outdoor surroundings. The perfect locations for garden entertaining and outdoor living, garden rooms such as outdoor kitchens and expansive terraced seating areas are a great way to make the most of your garden all year round.

Interested in adding a touch of structure to your landscape? Talk to us today to discover how our skilled designers could help transform your garden into a visual and sensory paradise. 

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