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11 Plants for Winter Interest

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11 Plants for Winter Interest

Winter Plants Interest

With winter slowly on the approach the gardens are beginning to fall dormant, however, there are a variety of vibrant plants that we’ve handpicked to brighten up and enhance your landscape throughout the colder months. 

Extending the lifetime of floral interest in your garden, winter flowering plants are a wonderful way to illuminate your outdoor spaces with a burst of colour during the colder and darker months. Filling your garden with waves of fragrance and a glorious seasonal palette, winter planting schemes are fabulous for framing the dreamiest of winter gardens and dressing your landscape with a bespoke selection of winter staples. From evergreen climbers, such as Clematis cirrhosa to fragrant shrubs like Sarcococca, let’s explore our planting designer’s top 11 plants for boosting your garden with winter interest.

1. Cyclamen 

A glorious perennial that bears an array of bright blooms, Cyclamens are wonderful late-winter blooms that are normally found growing at the base of trees, shrubs or grassy spots.

2. Hellebores

Flowering from winter until spring, Hellebores are superb for dotting winter-interest throughout the garden due to their extended flowering period. Boasting a striking structure, these statement blooms are perfect for settling into a particularly shady spot.

3. Mahonia 

Glorious evergreen shrubs, Mahonia flourishes a charming spread of vibrant yellow blooms from deep emerald foliage. Flowering from November to March, this statement shrub is fabulous for brightening up a winter border with a burst of colour.

4. Hamamelis

Otherwise known as ‘witch hazel’, this vibrant shrub blooms a collection of aromatic and striking yellow flowers that fill the garden with a fiery and seasonal palette.

5. Clematis

Brightening up winter gardens beautifully, the charming evergreen climber that is Clematis is a popular planting choice due to its enchanting yet hardy nature.

6. Sarcococca

Diffusing a delightfully sweet fragrance around your outdoor spaces, Sarcococca or ‘Sweet box’ is a gorgeous evergreen shrub that burgeons a display of petite, white blooms and cherry-red berries throughout the winter period.

7. Abelia grandiflora

Reaching out an eye catching collection of branches, Abelia grandiflora is a statement evergreen shrub that flourishes a breathtaking display of foliage which tonally adapts through the seasons (how fascinating!). 

8. Snowdrops

Blooming in early January, Galanthus better known as ‘snowdrops’ are charming bulbs that can be planted in drifts to form beautiful floral tapestries that are amazingly able to emerge throughout snowfall and frosts.

9. Jasminum nudiflorum

Flowering in the early winter through into March, Jasminum nudiflorum or ‘Winter Jasmine’ is a cheery winter shrub that blooms a bright display of buttery flowerheads.

10. Viburnum bodnantense

Viburnum bodnantense, most commonly known as ‘Arrow wood’ is an enticing winter shrub that is both beautifully perfumed and flourishes a dense collection of creamy white, pale pink and rosy-red blooms.

11. Cornus

Finally we have the vibrant Cornus. Available in the form of both trees and shrubs, Cornus (or ‘Dogwood’) is a bold plant that illuminates the garden with an ever changing palette of fiery stems. The perfect planting choice if you’re looking to add a touch of year round interest to your garden.

Looking to shape your garden into a glorious winter gardenscape? Get in touch today to find out how our specialist planting team could awaken your garden with a touch of soft landscaping?

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