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Why Should You Invest in a Greenhouse?

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Why Should You Invest in a Greenhouse?


Warm and enclosed growing spaces, greenhouses are essential garden features that facilitate the perfect conditions when cultivating a range of fruits, vegetables and even exotic florals. 

Providing shelter for a variety of plants and seedlings, greenhouses are mostly praised for their ability to extend the growing season. Allowing you access to home-grown produce all year round, these practical spaces also enable you an area to sow plants sooner and plant up any cuttings. Helping to significantly reduce your carbon footprint, greenhouses are also a wonderful way of saving you money whilst encouraging a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. From harvesting scrumptious heirloom tomatoes to crisp cucumbers, let’s explore a few reasons why now is the best time to invest in a garden greenhouse.

1. Harvest nutrient-rich culinary delights

Are you a keen cook? Or maybe you’re looking to infuse your meals with nutritional garden-fresh flavours? Then a greenhouse is a great place to get started. Enhancing your homemade recipes with healthy and organic ingredients, greenhouses allow you to grow your own chemical-free produce, reducing your need to buy shop-bought fruits and vegetables. Containing essential nutrients and full with flavour, grow crops such as tomatoes, salad leaves, peppers and so much more! Significantly boosting your diet and enhancing your meals with the freshest tastes of the garden, eating home-grown produce is fantastic for improving both you and your families overall well-being.

2. Grow produce all year round 

Due to the warm and sheltered conditions, greenhouses are excellent tools for extending the growing period. This means that you can grow multiple varieties of fruits and vegetables even through the winter! With the colder seasons bringing snow and frosts, less hardy plants such as lettuce, tomatoes and basil may not be able to survive these harsh conditions. Therefore, a greenhouse is a fantastic tool for enabling you to enjoy fresh garden produce no matter the weather or season.

3. Encourage larger yields

Facilitating a warm, bright and moist environment, greenhouses are fantastic for maintaining the perfect growing conditions. As you are able to control the temperature and environment of your glasshouse, this will aid your vegetables and fruit plants to be able to grow at a faster rate. As your plants will have greater protection from the threat of weather and garden pests, they will also be able to grow at a better quality, providing produce of a higher standard. Therefore you may even see a number of your plants flourishing much earlier than other plants growing outside in the kitchen garden.

4. Overwintering 

During the colder seasons, many of our plants can become threatened by chillier temperatures and harsher weather conditions. However, to prevent winter chills from overcoming your beautiful garden blooms then a greenhouse can be extremely beneficial for their survival. Whether you have a tropical fuchsia or a glorious statement rosa, ensure to place your garden shrubs and plants within the greenhouse to see them through into the warmer seasons.

5. Exotic varieties 

Accelerating growth with their warm and enclosed environments, greenhouses also replicate the native habitats that a number of exotic plants and bloom’s originate. Geranium maderense is a prime example, that originally emerged from the island of Madeira. Delicate yet beautiful blooms, Geranium maderense is a charming evergreen perennial that is used to a mixture of mild temperatures and climates. Making this plant extremely vulnerable to frosts, to give your plant the best headstart make sure to place your Geranium within the greenhouse for maximum protection.

If you’re looking to harvest an exotic fruit variety then why not try growing your own Kumquats? Flourishing sweet perfumed blooms, these flowers soon transform into zesty orange fruits that are best eaten whole and do not even have to be peeled!

6. Aesthetic garden design 

Housing fresh fruits, vegetables and a variety of other plants at your fingertips, greenhouses are also incredibly aesthetic garden features that can enhance the idyllic setting of your garden scene. Glorious and statement structures, Victorian glasshouses are a beautiful style of greenhouse. Crafted to frame a heavenly horticultural vista, a Victorian greenhouse effortlessly translates the notion of a traditional English garden throughout your home’s natural landscape. Constructed from elegant materials and a crisp assembly of glass panels, a Victorian glasshouse adds a luxurious touch to your gardening regime, providing a stylish space to even unwind, relax and enjoy a light refreshment within.

Interested in enhancing your outdoor space with a glorious garden greenhouse? Get in touch today and let’s talk through your garden design ideas. 

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