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Why Do You Need a Pergola?

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Why Do You Need a Pergola?

Pergola Garden Design

Tempting you out into the garden all year round, pergolas are fantastic outdoor structures that can be seamlessly slotted into any landscape.

Great for garden entertaining throughout the year, pergolas provide a sheltered spot for you to continue your celebrations and family get-togethers no matter the season or weather conditions. Versatile and timeless garden structures, our garden designers adore pergolas due to their multipurpose and stylish nature. Framing glorious garden walkways, fragrant rose arches, and sheltered seating areas, there are so many different ways that you can establish and incorporate a pergola into your garden scene. So, come with us as we show you a few different ways that our skilled landscapers embed pergolas into our gardens.

A place for garden entertaining 

If you enjoy hosting garden parties or just love spending as much time as you can outside in the garden, then a pergola is a must-have feature. Framing an idyllic spot for you to sit back and catch up with loved ones, pergolas create beautiful sheltered areas that can be decorated with stylish accessories such as outdoor tables and chairs. Setting a tranquil scene for outdoor dining and drinks, pergolas allow you to party away into the nighttime, without any unforecasted weather conditions disrupting your plans.

A unique cooking space 

If you’re quite the al fresco diner, then an outdoor kitchen and covered dining space is a fabulous way to enhance your garden. Providing a stylish and sheltered structure to contain your kitchen area, pergolas are durable features that frame beautiful open spaces for you to welcome in your guests as they indulge in all your latest culinary creations.

Cosy corners

Fantastic for creating a private and secluded space for you to sit back and relax, pergolas are the ultimate places to recline back with a good book and ice-cold refreshment whilst you take in your surroundings. Dressed with luxurious soft furnishings and illuminated with a twinkling collection of garden lights, watch your pergola transform from a relaxing day retreat to a peaceful nighttime hideaway.

Pergolas are also fantastic for training climbers such as wisteria, clematis and passiflora. Filling your garden with visual interest and glorious floral fragrances, pergolas encourage privacy that be further enhanced with a touch of soft landscaping.

In the kitchen garden…

Beautifully decorative garden elements, pergolas are incredibly useful structures to include within your kitchen garden. Providing extra support for fruits such as raspberries and grapevines, pergolas can also be used to grow vegetables such as runner beans too! Adding a touch of shade to your kitchen garden, pergolas are fantastic for diffusing a spot of dappled shade throughout your gardens, which is especially helpful for growing plants that may be rather sensitive to direct sunlight.

Looking to include a pergola into the greater scheme of your garden design? Talk to us today to discover how our skilled in-house landscaping could enhance your garden with a selection of hand-crafted outdoor structures. 

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