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What to Plant in the Garden Now

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What to Plant in the Garden Now

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As we approach the start of October, it’s time to bring winter schemes to life and begin planting a variety of plants and bulbs throughout the garden. 

Awakening gardens in Oxfordshire and beyond, our masterly planting design team are currently replenishing a variety of outdoor spaces with glorious textures and vibrant colours. Diffusing a delightful array of winter interest throughout the garden, winter-flowering shrubs and ornamental trees are wonderful for bringing the garden to life with structure and vibrancy during the colder seasons. To give springtime bulbs the best head start, we also plant these at this time of year. Once settled and established, this means that these bulbs are then ready to illuminate the garden at the first signs of spring. From containers to vast soft landscaping schemes, come with us to discover what our team are currently planting in our gardens.

Winter Favourites 

1. Hellebores 

Striking winter blooms, Hellebores are enchanting perennials that ooze an abundance of dark evergreen foliage. With varieties found in shades of pale pink and plum to cream and lime, these winter garden showstoppers also boast an extremely long flowering period, blooming from late December all the way into May.

2. Viburnum bodnantense

Commonly known as ‘arrowwood’, Viburnum bodnantense is a charming deciduous shrub that parades bunches of beautiful baby pink and ivory blooms. Transforming from cherry red buds, these enticing shrubs flower from autumn all the way into spring.

3. Skimmia

Perfect for awakening shady spaces and containers with a pop of colour and year-round structure, Skimmia is a delightful evergreen shrub that flourishes a blend of white and emerald green blooms in the spring. Highly fragrant, the blooms found on female Skimmia plants can also morph into gorgeous ivory white or scarlet red berries.

4. Sarcococca

A heavenly winter shrub, Sarcococca otherwise known as ‘sweet box’ is a seasonal favourite of our planting team. A dense evergreen that burgeons a sweet show of petite winter white blooms contrasted against deep moss green leaves, this delightful shrub is a wonderful way to welcome the changing of the seasons within your garden. After flowering these blooms transform into dark berries and are perfectly enhanced when paired with other seasonal plants such as snowdrops.

Beautiful Springtime Bulbs 

1. Camassia

The perfect late spring/ summer bulb, Camassias are glorious plants that produce divine violet blooms. Stretching from tall stems, these striking plants are extremely tolerant and can be integrated into a range of spaces such as wildflower meadows, borders and even nearby garden ponds. Producing gorgeous cut flowers, Camassias are essential springtime blooms that naturally spread overtime to create a textured and vibrant garden display.

2. Ornithogalum umbellatum

Traditionally known as the ‘Star of Bethlehem’, Ornithogalum umbellatum is a unique perennial bulb that produces an abundance of striking star-shaped flower heads. Originating from the Mediterranean, this plant adores the sunlight and produces wonderful cut flowers to refresh your interiors with a crisp floral palette.

3. Scilla siberica

A captivating ornamental bulb, Scilla siberica is a petitie clump forming plant that shoots a number of purple-tinted stems from thin upright leaves. Showcasing a collection of sky blue blooms, these sweet flowers are a gravel garden favourite, that can also be settled in a range of grassy spaces too. Best planted in sunny or slightly shaded areas, Scilla is a springtime favourite that we adore including within many of our planting schemes and garden designs.

Interested in bringing your garden to life with a splash of specialist planting? Get in touch with us today to find out how our expert planting team can help transform your outdoor spaces. 

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