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Sensible Storage: An Oxfordshire Gardener Guide

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Sensible Storage: An Oxfordshire Gardener Guide


What a strange time it is indeed. From meetings in our pyjamas to online parents evenings, we’ve managed to do it all by putting our lives online.

Our everyday world has been totally turned upside down, so there’s no wonder that we can find ourselves in a mess from time to time (especially with the whole family being home!). Whether there is a missing toy or an odd sock, we all know how quickly the house can be turned inside out in a matter of minutes. 

Here at The Oxfordshire Gardener Store, we’ve been brainstorming ways to combat the dreaded lockdown mess and we’ve come to the conclusion that there is no better time to get organised than now! Why not start the spring cleaning season preparations early and invest in our stylish Oxfordshire Gardener storage solutions?

Keep your house mess free all year round, with these practical and stylish storage ideas. If you like the sound of that then follow me, as we take a tour around our Oxfordshire Gardener store to show you how storage can both be useful and chic all at the same time. 

The Living Room

Nothing beats the warm fuzzy feeling of sitting next to a crackling fire. Watching warm amber and marmalade flames twist and flap, wrapping around a mound of fresh wood, oh how tranquil. But what a pain it is having this relaxation broken up by trips to and from the outside to collect more firewood. What if we told you that there was a fashionable way for you to store all your freshly cut logs indoors?

Washed in an aesthetic ash finish, the Burnham Log Basket is a beautiful addition to any fireside. Made from the finest willow and fitted with two sturdy rope handles, this homely basket is a practical storage space that can be easily manoveured around your house. 

If you prefer a more relaxed country fireside feel then our Log Bag in Havana by Alaskan Maker might be the one for you. Store your thick-cut logs and kindling in this leather coated log bag, sit back, put your feet up and enjoy! 

 The Boot Room

After a long day’s shooting or a muddy hack in the field, wellies and riding boots can become rather dirty. Once hosed down nice and clean, wouldn’t it be lovely to have somewhere warm and dry to store your boots ready for the next outing? Our large Strachey Log Basket can do just the job! With its combination of gorgeous willow and a soft hessian lining, this is a luxurious basket that’s sturdy enough for the boot room. Store trainers, dog leads, chaps and whatever else you wish. A divine storage solution. 

The Bathroom

Shampoos, conditioners, bath bombs and sugary scrubs, the bathroom is another area that can soon become easily cluttered. Why not store some of your pampering products in the Grant Storage Basket? Available in two dashing variations, these elegant little baskets are the perfect place to store all your bathroom goodies and your sacred skin care essentials. 

Loo rolls are another item that are a jolly great big pain to store. Why not try storing them in our Small Strachey Log Basket. This multipurpose basket is perfect for storing towels and loo rolls to logs and dog leads. A practical basket that can add a touch of natural decor to your idyllic bathroom scene whilst storing a range of items. How fabulous! 

The Play Room 

With the kids at home and with school being online, boredom can strike quicker and faster, as any parent will know. Toys are a wonderful way to keep your little ones entertained and occupied, giving you some time to tackle your chores. However, as great as toys are, they can also leave an awful trail of destruction around your home (the dreaded playroom mess, any parents worst nightmare). So to prevent the future parent-pain of stepping on that tiny, but lethal lego piece, why not try an easy storage space that your kids can access as well as you?

Available in two tremendous sizes, our Holkham Basket is the perfect place to store their mounds of toys, keeping the play area nice and tidy. No mess, no stress! 

The Foyer 

It is rather funny how the foyer can become a museum of a whole variety of odd bits and bobs. The passport you lost a year ago, a pile of unopened letters, the keys to the shed. But what if there was a place where you could place all of your keys or letters to minimise this everyday mess?

Our Hope Basket in Woodland is a wonderfully unique and artistic solution. Designed with a fresh lime green composition, this striking basket adds a splash of colour to your interiors whilst being a handy foyer storage space. A decorative piece of art deco and an innovative storage technique, how great is that! 

The Office 

And last but not least, the office. We all know, working from home can be rather challenging sometimes, paper everywhere, pens running astray… it can be quite a palaver. But we have just the answer, and that is our metallic Burnished Planter.

Adding a delightfully bright element to your office, this delightful decoration makes a useful pen pot and keeps your office space feeling neat and organised. And it means no more runaway pens!

Loved our storage solutions and want to see more? Head over to our Bloomsbury Home now and discover an endless collection of refreshing homewares that are both practical and aesthetic. 

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