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In Conversation with Our Operations Manager

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In Conversation with Our Operations Manager

Operations Manager

A buzzy and vibrant season for our landscaping team, we’ve caught up with our Operations Manager, Ellis, to give you an insight into our latest projects and to explore his top-tips to consider before landscaping your garden. 

From extravagant country gardens to city centre townhouses, Ellis and his skilled landscaping team are consistently bringing our designs to life in gardens of all shapes and sizes, throughout Oxfordshire and beyond. Transforming blank canvases into breathtaking and versatile spaces, our professional and friendly team adore bringing gardens into fruition, fulfilling their maximum potential. Overseeing all of our ongoing projects and landscape gardens, take a seat and join us as Ellis discloses expert landscaping advice, explores our use of premium materials and reveals the creative process behind our seamless landscape designs.

1. What are your favourite landscaping structures/features and why?

Outdoor kitchens and family entertaining areas have to be my favourite as I really love outdoor cooking, be it a barbecue or using my wood-fired pizza oven. There’s nothing better than the smell and taste of lit coals. Sharing these moments with family and friends is even better, so I would say creating these spaces and enabling others to enjoy the outdoors together really sparks my interest.

2. When would you advise the best time to landscape your garden is and why?

Autumn and spring both are great times to have your garden landscaped, giving your garden a chance to settle and establish itself before you hit the peak season of British summertime. If you have things of interest to look at over a cold winter it can also spark your creative side too and encourage a greater mindset.

3. Why do you think gardens are important?

Gardens are so important and I have realised this even more since redesigning my own space. I believe that the garden opens up another space for my family and I to enjoy. A well-crafted patio with some comfy furniture really adds to our space at home. Having a 1&1/2-year-old at home and seeing how much joy the garden brings to him is something that I’ll never tire of.

4. Why do you think it is essential to use an expert garden designer when landscaping your garden?

The process of using experts to design your garden space will really allow you to speak through what you want your garden to become and what you want out to achieve from the space. Talking about these areas with people who look to bring the newest and freshest garden ideas to you will also allow you to unlock a garden that suits both yourself and your families’ lifestyle.

5. What types of materials do we typically use within our designs and why do we use these specific ones?

Tumbled limestone cobbles are fantastic to work with; laying these often creates the illusion of a larger space even within a small terrace area. York flagstone paving is also a very popular choice with our clients due to it’s truly breathtaking finish. A patio with history and a unique story to tell – no one would ever have the same patio as you and that’s pretty cool.

6. What is your preferred style of garden design? Do you have any project favourites?

Recently we have been commissioned to create an oak decking outdoor spa space. We used a variety of materials to create a rustic yet elegant area, which makes it the perfect place to relax. Since the oak has been established it has now begun to age and that process has just ever increased how effortlessly this area fits into the landscape.

7. How does landscaping your garden make your outdoor space easier to maintain?

Just having your garden landscaped will make you want to keep it tidy as you’ll discover a new found love. Trust me when I say that all the new plants and hardscaping will constantly be tempting you to enjoy the outdoors.

8. Why do you think landscape design is an important investment for you/your family/ or your home?

A well designed outdoor space will feel as if it’s another room added on to your home’s existing entertainment space. An area to relax, and in my case, an area to watch my son grow up and just enjoy being a joyful little boy.

Interested in transforming your outdoor space into a bespoke gardenscape? Get in touch with us today to find out how our expert landscaping team can help bring your visions to life.

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