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How to Style with Soft Furnishings

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How to Style with Soft Furnishings

Home decor websites, interior magazines and social media are flush with images of super-stylish rooms that make you want to dive straight into the photograph and languish on their sumptuously comfortable sofas.

It’s the power of the soft furnishings chosen that’s the key to both creating an inviting, enticing and always on-point, because soft furnishings bring your home to life, adding luxurious comfort and can be easily changed-up to transform a room’s look. 

Cushions, rugs and throws can be used to soften and create warmth, as well as revamp entire colour palettes. Read on for our top suggestions to turn your home from ‘nice digs’ to ‘design dream’.


Cushions can be an inexpensive finishing touch to bring together your setting. They’re perfect for adding texture to the room and creating a warm cosy feeling, they’re also a great way to add new styles and colour to your room. Change them season by season to reflect the ever-changing colours of nature outdoors.

Our scatter cushions are a great item to add the final touch to your furnishing. Pick the Madder cushion for autumn, it looks especially well with wooden floors. For spring or summer, don’t be afraid to mix bright, bold colours and patterns. Try the Houndstooth cushion in green and pair it with our Charleston cushion for an eclectic, boho-inspired look.

Cushions are brilliant at adding a pattern or texture. Not only inside your home, but give your outside furniture a dose of sophisticated styling too.

Drape Throws

Throws an effortless way of adding life and texture to your room. You can drape them over your bed or place them on the corner of a sofa or chair. There is no wrong way to use a throw. Softly draped, they add layering, cosiness and warmth just about anywhere, especially if you pick them in neutral shades. 

Indoors or out, our Isle Merino Lambswool Blanket is perfect for chilly evenings, when you and your friends are enjoying the fire pit. It’s also a wonderful addition to your bedroom or living room.


Rugs add depth and character to a room and can bring all of the furniture together especially if you have a solid colour floor. They fill the empty space where there is no furniture and could otherwise look bare or stark. 

Got a spacious open area to fill? Adding a rug will be ideal. Bring the empty space to life and give it some texture. Maybe your bedroom could use a little luxe? A rug feels just that little bit more indulgent. The Worton and Wyck rugs have been hand-picked by our interior designers to make any room feel like more of a sanctuary (and they’re washable, so can be used outdoors on lawns and terraces too!).

Soft furnishings are such an important resource in your design toolkit that it’s easy to overlook them for concentrating on the big pieces, like tables, cupboards and sofas, yet it’s so effortlessly effective to switch up your interior or exterior look, by simply changing your rugs, throws or cushions. So go on, try something new and fall in love with your home anew. 

Browse the soft furnishing collection and let your imagination flow. 

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