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How To Create A Modern Country Garden

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How To Create A Modern Country Garden

modern country garden

A timeless, vibrant and stylish form of design, modern country is a glorious landscape style that looks effortlessly elegant throughout every season. 

Including a variety of striking landscaping elements such as stunning gravel chip pathways, garden rooms and pergolas, modern country gardens are the prime locations for year-round garden entertaining. Charming designs filled with an assortment of beautiful blooms and flourishing growing spaces, modern country gardens are inviting spaces that encourage friends and family to venture in and explore. Abundant with year-round interest and containing frequent nods to traditional English country design, come with us as we show you how our skilled garden designers could inject a modern twist into your country gardenscape.

Social spaces 

As soon as the sun is shining, our first thought is to get home and head outside into the garden. If you’re a lover of garden parties or are just looking to make the most of your garden all year round then a modern country garden design could be the perfect fit for you.

Providing you with a series of sheltered seating areas so that your garden plans are never disrupted, a selection of bespoke outdoor features are a great way to dot social spots throughout your gardenscape. Outdoor kitchens, garden rooms and pergolas are just a few example structures that we frequently include within our country garden designs.

Protecting you from any unforecasted weather conditions, an outdoor dining space such as a kitchen or pergola is a fantastic way to dine whilst taking in your natural surroundings and catching up with loved ones. Dressed with stylish soft furnishings such as outdoor rugs, cushions and throws, outdoor seating and dining areas are an essential feature for any modern country design.

Home-grown goodness 

Providing you with scrumptious and nutrient-rich produce, kitchen gardens are a wonderful way to kickstart a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Brimming with all of your favourite fruits and vegetables, kitchen gardens are also wonderfully aesthetic and are a fascinating element that guarantee to enhance any country garden design. Fantastic for your mental and physical well-being, kitchen gardens are an idyllic feature to walk through and tend to whilst also adding a unique focal point to your garden.

If you love to fill your home with floral fragrance and awaken your interiors with colour, then a cutting garden is another beautiful growing feature that can be incorporated into your design. Filled with glorious cut flowers such as dahlias, delphiniums and sweet peas, a cutting garden is a wonderful way to improve your nectar-score and boost the visual interest throughout your garden.

Water features 

Further enhancing the modern feel of your country garden, water features such as sunken fountains and rills add sensory value to your design but are also wonderful for attracting wildlife into the garden. Framing a heavenly soundscape, water features and the sounds of flowing water have been found to promote relaxation and significantly reduce symptoms of stress.

If you’re looking for a place to cool off and take a dip, then a natural pond or swimming pool may be the perfect feature to suit your lifestyle. Effortlessly settled and embedded into the existing landscape of your garden, natural ponds and pools make fabulous additions to our modern country designs and are especially great for family entertaining.

Looking to transform your landscape into a modern country design? Talk to our award-winning garden designers today to discover how we could shape your garden into a stylish country gardenscape.

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