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How to Create Your Own Sustainable yet Scenic Garden 

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How to Create Your Own Sustainable yet Scenic Garden 

Create Sustainable Garden

With environmental issues being a huge and ongoing issue, sustainability and sustainable practices have never been so important. And there are so many ways for you to integrate sustainable methods into both your home and garden! 

We, The Oxfordshire Gardener, pride ourselves on our efforts in bringing effective sustainability solutions to gardens. From full-scale garden design projects to a few simple alterations, we can help transform your garden into a sustainable yet scenic spot. 

Here’s just a few of the environmentally friendly features we regularly install within our gardens:

Consider Composting 

We love composting here at The Oxfordshire Gardener! We acquire large amounts of garden waste during our landscaping projects, so composting is the perfect sustainable solution to both clear green waste away and create a free supply of rich, nutritious compost to use in the garden. Now its your turn, as we can help you create and manage the composting process in your very own garden! 


Composting is extremely beneficial for both the environment and for the health of your garden! All you need is a shaded area with a water source located nearby. Building your compost bins from hardwood oak sleepers lends a smart though natural appearance as well as ensuring their durability. 

Once the sleeper bins are constructed, we start collecting garden waste such as branches, grass and shrivelled leaves. You can also add food waste such as fruit and coffee. The creation of brown and green layers will soon appear, once your waste is combined and larger materials can be broken down. As waste is added to your compost bin we dampen the dry materials as they are being contributed to the pile and make sure to occasionally over turn these layers. Once the decomposed material at the bottom becomes dark and concentrated, the compost is finally prepared and perfect for garden use. 


Composting is a convenient and beneficial alternative from harmful chemical fertilisers that considerably damage the environment. The natural nutrients found within compost also enhance the health of your garden soil without any risk of potential marine pollution. Compost maintains a high level of moisture and catalyses the creation of valuable bacteria that decomposes organic substances. Overall the process of composting significantly reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released from landfills and greatly decreases your own carbon footprint. Find out more benefits here. 

Wildflower Meadows 

Demand for the installation of mesmerising wildflower meadows is growing. Tranquil and peaceful, attracting a diverse range of wildlife to your garden, these meadows encourage biodiversity and the growth of endangered native plants. Wildflower meadows create a beautiful fusion of flowers, perfect for larger areas in need of a dose of nature. Stunning but also extremely advantageous, these meadows increase photosynthesis and provide insects with a more diverse range of plants.  

Insect Hotels

We obtain many cut-offs and stray pieces of wood whilst landscaping. Instead of throwing away these scraps of wood we transform them into insect hotels. Gardens are prone to many different varieties of insects however some of these are pests that devour your flourishing flowers and prize vegetables. Insect hotels are the perfect solution as they provide a home for many beneficial insect species that eliminate these pests and pollinate your garden flowers. These small projects accelerate biodiversity within your garden and improve the function of ecosystems. Insect hotels can also be stylistic decorations, providing an amusing activity for all the family. 

Kitchen and Cutting Gardens 

Kitchen gardens are fantastic additions to any garden and we are proud to specialise in them here at The Oxfordshire Gardener. Imagine having access to fresh, delicious and organic vegetables all year round! Supermarket vegetables are mass produced by farmers using dangerous fertilisers therefore causing vegetables to contain harmful chemicals. However, a kitchen garden gives you access to naturally fresh vegetables that will benefit your body and ease your mind. Kitchen gardens are also perfect for urban houses, providing clean air, reducing the effects of pollution and improving your overall health. 

Cutting gardens provide beautiful blooms that decorate your house and diffuse a floral essence within your home. As well as being a gorgeous floral vision, cutting gardens enable a vast amount of photosynthesis to take place, considerably reducing your household’s carbon footprint. The action of planting and maintaining a cutting garden is ideal for clearing your mind and for improving your long term mental health. Plus, you’ll have an ample supply of fresh cut flowers to fill your home with fragrance without running to the shops to buy flowers flown in from overseas. 

Talk to us about how we can help you make your garden more sustainable. You can also find us on social media just by clicking on the icons in the bottom right-hand corner.

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