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A Quick Guide to Chic Outdoor Structures

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A Quick Guide to Chic Outdoor Structures


There’s something so wonderfully interactive about adding gloriously chic outdoor structures and forms within the garden. 

Acting as the key that unlocks the vast gates of concealed garden potential, sleek garden structures encourage the unique personality of your grounds to come to life. Whether you are looking for a peaceful space to kick-back and relax? Or a cosy cove to host a number of unforgettable social soirees? There is a stylish structure fit to correspond with whatever the occasion and whatever the location. 

With so many options available, the process of picking the perfect garden structure can be a tricky one. So, with that in mind we wanted to provide you with an easy-breezy guide to garden structures. From idyllic pergolas draped in flickering fairy lights to tranquil arbours, decorated with silky-soft cushions. Let your thoughts run wild, as we show how we create immersive garden paradises. 

1. Pergola 

Generally formed from a collection of natural timber pillars and frames, pergolas make for a contemporary social space, an  walkway and so much more. Pergolas have open structure and are great for drawing the eye to any specific area of the garden.

Either partially sheltered or fully covered, pergolas are a fabulous attraction. That’s right, you heard me correctly! As long as the conditions are well-ventilated and furniture is placed at a safe distance, then feel free to set the scene by incorporating a toasty fire pit to the mix. Snuggle up on nippy summer evenings and cool autumn afternoons, and enjoy the calming aura of your pergola all year long.

2. Arbour 

Over the years, garden arbours have been frequently mistaken for pergolas. However, we are here to confirm that they are indeed totally different structures. In fact, there are many differences! 

Arbours traditionally have been constructed as a stand alone structure, however pergolas can sometimes be connected to a house or building, normally covering either a patio or terrace. Pergolas have become commonly used as cover for seating areas or walkways. However, due to their smaller size, arbours are mostly used as garden entrances or as smaller seating areas. 

Sweet and stylish, arbours are the perfect place for some ‘you time’. Whether you wish to relax back with a good old crossword or to have a good natter over a cuppa, an aesthetic arbour allows you to enjoy the tranquil notion of nature around you. Most commonly designed with a gently curved roof, these homely hideaways allow you to snuggle down and enjoy a spot of serenity.

3. Gazebo 

Are you a hostess with the mostest? Or a lover of outdoor dining? Then a permanent gazebo may be your perfect match. 

Unlike a temporary gazebo, a permanent one can be placed outside to endure all seasons. Place a stylish outdoor dining table beneath, and let the good times roll. Fabulous for a whole range of social occasions and events, gazebos are great for denying the weather the chance to cut your plans short. Sociable and scenic, a gazebo is another fantastic way of making your garden liveable all year round.

4. Awning 

If you’re looking for a smaller, slightly more subtle garden structure then an awning may be music to your ears.

Attached to the existing wall of any home or outhouse, an awning is an extremely practical way of covering any seating area or entrance in both a fashionable and sophisticated manner. Stylishly shielding you away from the heat of a sunny day or the harsh weather of a moody storm, an awning is another decorative yet functional structure that can easily be slotted in within any garden.

5. Arches 

Finally, why not transfer a fairy-tale feeling to your garden with the help of an enchanting archway. 

Diffusing an intriguing sense of mystery and wonder, archways add a dreamy floral flow to your garden. Creating a secret garden sensation, train glorious climbing plants upon them and watch a crescendo of natural colour, burst and flourish into life. A beautiful bow of fragrance. 

As well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, arches are also a delightful way to frame entrances to both cutting and kitchen gardens. A stimulating combination of decoration and natural beauty, these divine structures add a wonderful sense of timeless excitement.

Itching to add a number of fascinating features to your garden? Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you create the garden of your wildest dreams.

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