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A Guide to Garden Lighting

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A Guide to Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

A gentle touch of garden lighting is an elegant element that can simply bring your garden to life, highlighting the bespoke features and structures contained throughout its design. 

Gardens are incredibly enticing and vigorous spaces that we believe should be enjoyed all year round, from sunrise and well into the nighttime. From glimmering embedded decking lights to a trail of flickering lanterns, there are so many different variations and ways in which you can bring your garden aglow with outdoor lighting.

Do you like to start your mornings off with a daybreak stroll? Or maybe you’re much more of a twilight roamer? Then hints of outdoor lighting dotted throughout your outdoor spaces are the perfect way to enhance your home with a welcoming and magical garden ambience. Exploring cosy dining lighting to expansive decking spotlights, come with us as we reveal a range of unique garden lighting designs that could transform your garden into a luxurious nighttime setting.

Enchanting pathways and garden walkways 

As the sun begins to set, darkness soon falls upon the garden, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t still make use of your outdoor spaces. With a selection of slick lighting techniques, morph your garden into a secluded nighttime retreat that can be safely explored at whatever time you wish. Ground level lighting is a technique that we frequently implement within our designs. Threaded throughout borders or beneath large trees, ground-level lights frame beautiful silhouettes as they illuminate a series of garden structures. Spike lights are especially well suited to illuminating large statement trees, structures and statues. Whereas a trail of stylish path lights are best suited for highlighting a chic garden passage.

Welcoming entrances

Approaching your home, both your driveway and front door are the two main staples that complete your initial ‘welcome home’ scene. But to really create that wow-factor feeling, garden lighting is essential. Diffusing a special touch of illumination, adding a stream of symmetrical lighting to your home’s entrance guarantees to invite you and all of your guests into a glorious garden scene. For spacious and sweeping driveways, outline your entrance with a collection of post or pillar lights and create a sharp drivable entrance. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, pillar lighting is especially effective as it can be slotted into a number of landscapes. With the option for motion sensors, timers and even variable lighting adjustment settings, illuminate your surroundings to your every preference.

To continue this warm and inviting lighting notion, why not pair two striking garden lanterns with two potted olive trees at your front door, to frame a pristine home entrance.

Eye-catching garden structures 

Garden features such as archways and pergolas, are a fantastic way of adding visual interest throughout your garden. Transporting you from one garden scene to another, garden archways and sheltered passageways frame a selection of secluded garden spaces that look especially divine when illuminated at nighttime. Dressed with spotlights or fairy lights, these are just two wonderful ways that you can impart a soft twinkling radiance to these areas.

Pergolas are particularly functional and versatile spots as they can be used throughout the seasons to host a number of outdoor dining events. From late summer suppers to evening drinks and catch-ups beneath the stars, pergolas shape the perfect twilight hangout. Illuminated with a handful of dimly-lit lanterns or flickering fairy lights, outdoor pergola lighting creates a gorgeously snug and exclusive environment for all to enjoy.

Set moving water aglow

Incredibly relaxing and tranquil elements, the sounds and sights of a water feature are another beautiful garden aspect that can be highlighted at all times of the day. To highlight the charming nature of moving water at nighttime, why not bring your water features to life with a spot of outdoor lighting? For expansive garden ponds, designed with slick sunken steps, under-lighting with LED’s is an elegant way of putting the finishing touches to a luxurious water scene. To outline garden ponds and fountains with low level lighting, lanterns and embedded wall lights are another two examples that can guide your eye around a magical water vista.

Conscious lighting 

When threading lighting throughout our garden designs, we always aim to include the most environmentally-friendly strategies. To reduce the effects of light pollution, timers come in extremely useful. Enabling you to set designated lighting times, these timers are beneficial for guaranteeing that little light goes to waste. Programming lighting to dimmer settings and minimising blue light emissions are another way in which you can ensure that your garden lighting scheme is as environmentally conscious as possible.

Eager to bring your garden to life with a touch of luxury garden lighting? Discover how we can bring your garden visions to life. 

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