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8 Elements to Complete your Garden Scene

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8 Elements to Complete your Garden Scene


When looking to redesign your large outdoor spaces, we understand that the first thoughts can be rather challenging and seem rather daunting. 

However, the beauty of large blank canvas gardens is that there is greater potential for you to include a number of unique and authentic features that enhance your lifestyle and suit your style.

When planning larger spaces it can feel as though you have a rather weighty space to fill however this is where the helping hand of a professional garden designer can relieve your stresses and open your mind to a variety of creative options. Maximising your space with a concise and suitable composition that suits your preferences, the beauty of garden design is that it brings your garden together as one and creates it’s very own narrative.

Frequently used by our designers in many of our landscape transformations, here are 8 simple elements that can complete your garden scene.

1. Add a series of levels 

Filling your garden with visual interest, adding levels to your outdoor areas is a wonderful way of guiding your eye around the space and maximising the room available. Formed from raised flower beds to stylish contemporary steps, there are so many different ways that you can create levels that suit your gardens natural landscape. For a touch of tranquility, why not include a gently cascading water feature and listen to the mesmerising sound of trickling water.

2. Raised beds

We often use raised beds to create levels and due to there extremely versatile nature they can also be used to craft a variety of other features such as cutting and kitchen gardens. Filled with freshly home-grown goods or delightfully fragrant blooms, raised beds allow you to form stylish spots for you to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and many more garden treasures.

3. Planting schemes

Softening harder elements such as patios, decking and expansive terraces, planting schemes are fabulous for filling your garden with floral interest but are most important for putting the finishing touches to your design. With schemes tailored to any palette of your choosing, a repeated and patterned planting design if the perfect way to complete your garden scene. Making the space feel whole, our planting design team adore watching our designs come to life with bursts of colour and a dressing of texture.

4. Pathways and garden trails

Guiding you and tempting you to explore the grounds surrounding you, including a series of pathways or a garden trail into your gardenscape is a great way to create your own garden journey (and is also a great feature for your little ones too!). Tying your garden together, a collection of meandering gravel pathways is a stylish technique that enables you to form an exclusive private route.

5. Softened edges 

During the process of garden design we carefully combine a variety of hard and soft landscaping elements together to create one fluid garden scene. Therefore, if you’re looking to create an extra natural aesthetic then dressing your pathways and beds with a collection of low-growing plants is a charming way to soften paving slabs, pathways and various other garden walkways. Thyme is a personal favourite of our planting team, with its fragrant foliage and petite blooms.

6. Spots to take a seat 

Dotted throughout your garden, include a selection of ornate and secluded seating spots and enjoy your garden no matter the weather or time of year. Best situated adjacent to a garden pathway, arbours and sheltered benches encourage you to explore the garden and give you a secluded space to admire your surroundings as they flourish from season to season.

7. Natural shades

To ensure that all of our designs match and correspond with the local landscapes of our projects seamlessly, we utilise the finest assortments of materials to ensure that our designs look as natural and established as possible. From earthy to sandy tones, we often use paving stones and slabs in these muted shades in order to best compliment planting and boost the natural aesthetic of your garden.

8. Heavenly water features 

Attracting wildlife and ecosystems to thrive throughout, large open spaces are the prime spaces for statement water features. Incredibly pleasing to both the eye and ear, the sounds and sights of water are wonderful for completing the most tranquil and serene visuals.

Yearning to make the most of your outdoor space? Get in touch today and discover how our specialist team of garden designers could shape your garden into a cohesive and vibrant landscape.

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