The Small French Stable Lantern


The Small French Stable Lantern is a vintage styled light that imparts a chic ambience within any setting.

A subtle yet sweet decoration, that twinkles to create a still and tranquil atmosphere. A lantern that is suitable for an endless amount of occasions.

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Our ornate French Stable Lanterns amplify a range of settings, curate a shelf or table in the day and then draw in the luminous quality in the evening. Indoor or outdoor, our fabulous lanterns emit an inviting glow to enjoy a cosy-night or a family sit-down.

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Usage & Care

Socket: E12
Watt: 0,1 can use up to 7
Battery: 2 pcs. AA
Timer: 8 hours on/16 hours off

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Made from: Zinc and glass
Dimensions: H22/D11 cm