The Vita Harvest Baskets in Antique Wash


Perfect for bringing in the bounty from your garden.

Our set of 2 handwoven Vita Baskets in Antique Wash are lined with hessian, making them light enough to cradle comfortably on your arm or hang from a branch, leaving your hands free for picking. Durable enough to withstand weathering with suitably bucolic refinement. Attractive enough to display your harvest indoors or serve double-duty on the countertop for storing napkins or other kitchen accessories.

The smaller basket is shallow and wide for collecting a wide range of vegetables, herbs from The Kitchen Garden, or flowers from The Cutting Garden. Whilst its larger companion provides the depth and sturdiness required for collecting apples, pears, and potatoes.

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Our beautiful baskets are elegantly crafted to enhance the natural elements within your home. Available in a range of different shapes and sizes, our baskets are perfect for a variety of interiors.

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Small Vita Basket: 400gms
Large Vita Basket: 590gms


Small: 470 x 230 x 160/90 (290mm with handle); base 330 x 190mm
Large: 590 x 300 x 100/190 (330mm with handle); base 380 x 230mm


Antique Wash

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Made from: full antique wash willow – hessian lining