The Kodo Foot Rest and Padded Cushion by Vincent Sheppard


Rest your feet, take a breath, and sink deeply into the Kodo collection.

As well as the Kodo footrest and padded cushion matching magnificently with the Kodo Cocoon lounge chair, this minimalist collection diffuses a sensation of tranquility within your garden.

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The Kodo Collection by Vincent Sheppard creates an elegant outdoor room. A peaceful hub by day and a serene social space by night. The Kodo range can teleport an extra luxury room to your glorious garden.

Inspired by the versatile possibilities of mingling different materials into unique designs, studio segers created the Kodo collection. Natural ceramic, industrial aluminium and tactile acrylic rope play the lead roles throughout the collection. These materials are weather-resistant and add a contemporary feeling to the furniture while the soft curves and rounded backs exude a warm and inviting ambience. Touch, feel, and experience the delicate weave and snug cushions, while enjoying a drink indoors or outdoors.

Additional information

Additional Information

Made from: A powder-coated aluminium base and adjustable nylon glides. The cushion is packed with 12cm of quick dry foam, has a removable cover and includes piping.