Laura Jones

Gardens and gardening have been a thread running through the very centre my life; from a childhood spent learning from the wealth of my mother's gardening knowledge to more recent years spent developing my own little plot. Having spent more than 20 years in the publishing and events industries, I found myself lucky enough to bring my inherent love for horticultural and my media expertise together, through my work here at The Oxfordshire Gardener (which comes with the added benefit of being able to continue to add to my storehouse of garden knowledge through the regular quizzing of our expert designers, brilliant horticulturalists and masterly landscaping team!).

Megan Blackmore-Sly

Gardens have always given me a sense of stillness and serenity, immersing myself within the swaying leaves, chirping crickets and whistling birds. On a summer’s evening, nothing is better than gathering around the garden table to dine under the fading sun. Joining The Oxfordshire Gardener team, I feel very lucky to witness outstanding gardens every day, and observe the limitless creativity of landscaping. As an artist too, I always turn to the garden to spark my first ideas for a painting. I have welcomed a wealth of new insight into many beautiful flowers, plants and trees since starting my role here. The extraordinary colours, textures and shapes of natural forms are a hive of endless inspiration.

Oliver Cook

I've always loved the outdoors, going on long walks with my family and spending every spare minute in the garden climbing trees or making dens with friends. Now, I enjoy spending time visiting National Trust properties, and experiencing the wonderful displays which I'm lucky to experience on a daily basis working at The Oxfordshire Gardener. Working alongside our team of horticulturists, landscapers and planting designers enables a deeper understanding of garden design, landscaping and horticulture, as well as outdoor living, and I hope to share that insight into our working practice with you here.

Yasmin Wall

Growing up, the garden was my childhood. A peaceful place filled with magical memories ranging from playing with our dog to my first momentous attempt at riding a bike. I believe a garden holds history. A garden is not just a garden but a preserved jungle of family memories that continues to grow and flourish. A picturesque meeting point for the generations. A journey for the ages. I have recently embarked on my own exciting new journey as an intern for The Oxfordshire Gardener. Currently studying English at Bournemouth University, this stimulating and invaluable experience enables me to enhance my own garden of knowledge, as I am planted with creative responsibility.

Yve Handley

As a member of our Horticultural & Soft Landscaping Team, Yve has a wealth of practical gardening knowledge to draw on with professional experience from nursery to display landscaping to horticultural care. With a passion for plants and a background in fine art, Yve is focussing on planting design, whilst co-ordinating horticultural care services across our portfolio.