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The Breezy Oxfordshire Gardener

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A harmonious hobby, gardening allows you to be at one with nature. Proven to have a range of mental and physical health benefits, gardening allows you to step outside of the chaotic bubble that can become everyday life. So, we want to make your gardening experience as peaceful as possible. With the effortless mixture of stylish hand-tools, charming trugs and practical wagons, gardening has never been so sublime. 

Our aim is for you to feel luxurious in leisure, taking part in an activity that you adore whilst feeling and looking fabulous. So, if you’ve got green fingers and are in need of a self-care spoil, then look no further. Our idyllic ‘in the garden’ range is filled with all kinds of tools and accessories to make your time within the garden even breezier! Come with us and browse a range of practical garden tools that ensure to transform you into a breezy Bloomsbury Home gardener. 

1. Hort Hand Fork 

Has weeding grown to feel like a chore? Well, why not weed in style with the swanky Hort Hand Fork. Effortlessly sift through soil and tackle all of your minor gardening jobs in a jiffy. Hand-picked by our expert team of horticulturalists, this handy little tool turns tedious garden tasks into an outdoor joy.

2. Broughton Cart 

Been looking for a trendy new storage compartment? Then you’re in the right place. Made from the ravishingly rustic combination of fir wood and iron, the charming Broughton Cart fulfills its elegance in your greenhouse. Organise all of your greenhouse accoutrements and garden essentials, and watch this snazzy storage space come to life. 

3. Bell Trug 

There’s nothing more rewarding than picking your freshly-grown produce from the kitchen garden or snipping the stalks of a collection of flourishing blooms, in the cutting garden. Float freely around the garden, without a care in the world, with the Bell Trug by your side. And experience the true beauty of the outdoors as you glide around in style.

4. Campden Fire Bowl 

After a long day gardening, why not kick back and relax with The Campden Fire Bowl? Toast marshmallows under a star-filled sky with the ones you love and admire the hypnotic atmosphere of your night time garden.

5. Hort Hand Trowel 

Digging, planting and smoothing over soil. These can all make for mucky garden tasks…if you don’t have access to the right equipment, that is. Tick off your garden chores swiftly and sharply with The Hort Hand Trowel and transform yourself into a gardening whizz.

6. Dixter Wagon and Trays 

Looking for a snazzy way to store, that’s sprinkled with a hint of vintage? Then the Dixter Wagon and Trays is bound to be right up your street. Easily manoeuvered, wheel around a practical place for seeds, tools and much much more!

7. Vita Market Basket 

Harvest all of your fresh and fragrant blooms with a helping hand from the Vita Market Basket. Made from wonderfully woven kubu grey rattan, this beautiful market basket is perfect for collecting all of your organic and naturally sourced produce. 

8. Asheham Jug

Straight from the cutting garden, transport your garden triumphs in from the outdoors and display your floral showstoppers within the eye-catching Asheham Jug. A timeless decoration, this captivating pitcher guarantees to frame a range of dreamy bloom-filled interiors whilst oozing a unique touch of tranquility.

Eager to see more of our glorious gardening accessories? Head to our ‘In The Garden’ category now and become a breezy Bloomsbury Home gardener, today! 

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