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Landscaping for All Seasons 

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Landscaping for All Seasons 

All Seasons

It’s been a very unusual year. With all of us spending a lot more time at home, the garden has become an extremely popular area.

It has been reported by the Seed Co-operative that since lockdown their seed sales have multiplied by six in the last year. We are so pleased to hear that one of the happier results of such a strange year is that so many of you have been able to enjoy really being in your garden, whether they’ve become a room in your home office or a place where you and your family could escape for a breath of fresh air. Gardens are the ultimate safe social space to spend quality time with your loved ones, which we now appreciate more than ever. 

As the weather begins to change and the cooler air begins to circulate around us, we have a natural tendency to migrate indoors, but your garden can still be a haven to immerse yourself in for all seasons with a bit of intelligent landscaping and design. So, today we’re sharing some features that can be installed within your garden, allowing you to enjoy your own private outdoors, all year round. 

Landscaping & Living 

Why not transform an area of your garden into a cosy paradise, perfect for the colder months? Picture yourself snuggling up next to a glowing fire pit whilst reclining back, catching up with loved ones in a deluxe outdoor seating area. 

And the weather no longer needs to disrupt your comfort as we install coverings and roofs over outdoor seating areas, so rain no longer infiltrates and interrupts plans. 

Adding pathways, that are cognisant of the surroundings and the desired mood, using wooden sleepers, natural stone, and surprisingly visually effective gravels lessen the instances of muddy boots churning up the lawn or entering the house. They can also be used to direct the gaze towards a particular view or garden feature or build anticipation as they draw you enticingly towards a hidden surprise. 

Lighting is an important element of your seasonal hideout. Including modern motion-sensitive lighting in your garden’s hardscaping plans means you can extend your outdoor time into the evenings, whilst minimising unnecessary energy consumption and the impact of artificial lighting on wildlife. 

Our outdoor living designers are also getting busy at this time of year, adding handpicked furnishings and accessories to make for snug spaces. 

Collections of lanterns emphasise the cosy outdoor atmosphere. Ropes of fairy lights across coverings create a dreamy nighttime ambience. Throws and blankets also provide authentic accessories that complete your outdoor space. For creating your autumnal hideout. 

Staggering Soft Landscaping 

Spring and summer allow for our colourful flowers to flourish, but the changing of the seasons doesn’t mean that your garden can’t stay a vibrant vision. Planting schemes enable your garden to be radiant all year round. 

Evergreens and berry bushes are the ultimate examples of plants that will create a scene within your garden through all seasons. Punctuating the burgeoning blooms of spring and summer, whilst also providing natural architecture, dotted with colour, and interesting forms to delight through autumn and winter. 

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Once the winter has passed, spring flowers such as muscari, narcissi and iris reticulata will alter the appearance of your winter wonderland and transform it into a striking spring vision of bliss. 

Welcome to The Games Room 

Need a break from the screen? How about an outdoor games room? 

Pool tables, football tables, and many more games can be brought within this space to create the ultimate amusement room. 

Rustically chic wooden cabins with large vista windows or even an entirely glass room. Or, for the really innovative, a clear dome, will all give the feeling of being outdoors, surrounded by nature, even when you’re completely ensconced from the elements. An extra aesthetically pleasing place for the whole family’s entertainment  

Dreaming up adventurous garden plans, we’d love to hear all about them. Please get in touch to find out how we can help today. 

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