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Garden Design 2023: Let’s Talk Trends

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Garden Design 2023: Let’s Talk Trends

Garden Design

The latest garden design trends for 2023 are here!

As we welcome in the new year, we also say a hello to a wonderful wave of fresh and innovative lifestyle ideas, forecasted to flourish throughout the seasons. And where better to begin than by exploring the garden design trends set to soar this year? 

From climate conscious gardens to shifts in natural colour schemes, settle into this breezy guide with a delicious hot drink and let’s get your garden up to date with the trends of 2023.

Interior styling – how to houseplant

Over previous years, we have seen an outstanding growth in the demand for indoor houseplants. Furnishing your home with an aesthetic and wild edge, house plants have become an integral element within a variety of interior styling designs. However, as well as being wonderfully decorative elements, house plants also encourage a number of wellbeing benefits. 

Renowned for their abilities to boost your home’s air quality, houseplants have also been significantly praised for their power to reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve mental health. It has even been found that just the process of your body visually acknowledging a plant can both reduce stress and allow you to achieve a greater sense of calm. 

So, what are the favourites for 2023? According to House Beautiful UK, Peace Lilies were found to be the second most popular house plant to be sold in 2022 and this popularity is expected to carry forward again into 2023. 

Scientifically known as ‘Dracaena trifasciata’, snake plants are another species predicted to boom in popularity over the coming months. Known for their low-maintenance qualities, snake plants require little water and display a glorious vertical flourish of lime green leaves to enhance your home’s tranquil ambience.

Sustainable touches 

With an increased emphasis on climate change and environmental struggles projected within the media, we can see huge eco-friendly shifts in communal attitudes. Therefore, where better place than the garden to begin playing your part for the environment? An area with so much opportunity and where so many people are turning to exercise a variety of sustainable choices.

Maybe you have a large patch of land that currently goes unused? Why not reinvent this space with a glorious wildflower meadow? Flourishing a palette of unique colour and textures, wildflower meadows are packed full of pollinators which encourage both wildlife and ecosystems to congregate within your grounds.

When incorporating hard landscaping elements within your garden’s design, there are also ways where you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. When choosing specific paving stones, there are a range of recycled and low-carbon materials for you to choose from that frame a polished and refined garden scene (ensuring that your garden looks fabulous whilst being kind to the environment!). Obtained directly from the ground, using natural stone is another extremely eco-friendly alternative from many man-made materials that require toxic chemicals within their manufacturing process.

Life outdoors

Since the days of the pandemic, gardens have been recognised even more for their importance and usability than ever before. No matter the season, we have noticed a huge demand in people desiring to utilise their gardens all year round. And so they should!

Who says you can’t bring your bar outdoors? Designed with a collection of cosy outdoor sofas and vintage firepits, you can now extend your home with a variety of bespoke outdoor rooms, that can be enjoyed no matter the weather.

Ever found yourself yearning for a spa break every weekend? Then why not bring the spa to you? Fitted with a beautiful barrel sauna laid over dreamy decking, you can add multiple features of your choice and float off into a spa escape just by walking out into your very own outdoor space.

Looking to re-design your garden for 2023? Why not get in touch today to discover how we can transform your garden into an on-trend retreat.  

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