Tulip ‘Black Hero’ Bulbs


Our ‘Black Hero’ Tulip bulbs create an impressive atmosphere with their lustrous spectrum of black through purple. Their darker tones will contrast with a variety of other flowers, adding depth to your border. A full and generous flower, it is the double version of ‘Queen of Night’. Available in packs of 10.

Plant between October and December in fertile, well-drained soil and a sunny location. This tulip enjoys flowering in May.

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Our Tulip ‘Black Hero’ bulbs produce deeply intense tones of regal purple to inky black. They make a beautifully contrasting display alongside tulips of softer shades.



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Usage & Care

Plant between October-December
Flowers in May
Perfect for flowerbeds and borders
Produces beautiful cut flowers
Plant 15cm deep

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Dutch Cultivated


Height: 60cm
Size of bulb: 11-12cm