Terracotta & Sandstone Bulb Collection


A collection of 40 bulbs, inspired by landscaping design with terracotta and sandstone.
Our Apricot Foxx Tulips are an April delight. Supported by a matte mocha stem, these beaming blooms divulge a paradisal personality.
Soaring high into the sky with a thick and sturdy stem, Multibulbosum (Nigrum) White Allium bulbs transform into a cluster of beautifully crisp blooms.
Diffusing a hopelessly romantic ambience, these ruby red Tulip ‘Jan Reus’ bulbs are a divine addition to the flowerbed.
Our Creamy white Mount Tacoma Tulip will create a beautiful display planted in a border or in patio pots and containers.
10 bulbs of each variety are included.
If you’ve got your own mix in mind, let us know. We can put a personalised collection together for you. Talk to us: [email protected].

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A charming vignette of flowers to welcome you home. An abundance of tulips and allium gradually awaken in spring to form a floriferous canvas of masterly colour from The Oxfordshire Gardener planting design team.



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Usage & Care

Plant between October-December
Flowers in April
Perfect for flowerbeds and borders
Produces beautiful cut flowers
Plant 15cm deep

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Dutch Cultivated


Height: 45cm
Size of bulb: 11-12cm