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Why book garden maintenance?

People book regular garden maintenance with The Oxfordshire Gardener for many reasons, to ease the work for themselves, to keep their outside spaces green and healthy, or to have regular highly experienced gardeners and RHS-trained gardeners on hand to make the most of their garden.

We offer a specialist garden maintenance service, to include the basic services of mowing, pruning and weeding, specialising in the overarching care and vision to keep the garden looking lively throughout the year, with our clients wishes. Through sharing best horticultural practice; we identify plants to be pruned, rejuvenate old established plants, train and maintain climbers such as mature wisterias, roses and clematis, espalier fruits and pleached trees. We can divide and propagate plants in the borders, plant out a kitchen garden of fruit, herbs and vegetables. We give care and advice on planting whether it is gap-planting, a new border or revitalising an area of the garden. We manage lawn-care, soil condition and nutrition, planting, hedges and tree work are all carried out by our expertly trained gardeners.

Every gardener has their own areas of specialism in horticulture, arboriculture and habitat management.

This month we are pruning fruit trees, cutting hedges, digging and tidying beds and borders with mulching treatments. We can help with advice on plants, sourcing specimens, bare-root trees and shrubs.

Gardeners are trained at David Austin roses for their professional pruning certificate.

We can improve and maintain hard landscaping areas such as entrances, fences, trellis, raised planters, patios and pathways with the in-house hard landscaping team.

We know that trust is important and we respect your garden with its plants, trees and rarities some of which may have been planted to celebrate a special time.

“For us it is a pleasure and a relief to have found a real gardener. We have found all of your team a pleasure to have working with us and the garden is beginning to look as it used to.”

Mr and Mrs Peacock

You can book The Oxfordshire Gardener’s garden maintenance and care service, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Romantic Country GardenRomantic Country GardenRomantic country garden
Size: 10 Acres
Soil: Sandy Loam



Informal Country GardenInformal Country GardenInformal country garden
Size: 1 Acre
Soil: Loam



Small Cottage GardenSmall Cottage GardenSmall cottage garden
Soil: Sandy Loam

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