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How to grow potatoes

Watch as Simon shows how to grow potatoes. From planting chitted seed potatoes, through to earthing-up and right up to harvesting the crop ready for hot buttered potatoes with a little homegrown mint. Grow together with us. How to chit potatoes: Chitting potatoes is the means by which we encourage seed potatoes to sprout shoots before […]

Grow With Us

As we seek comfort and, maybe, cultivate new interests in these uncertain times, growing for pleasure from pots to patch and plot, whether it be vegetables, fruits, herbs or flower gardens bringing a sense of calm, as well as more self-sufficiency. Nurturing ourselves and having a gentler pace through growing produce, Simon’s spring series starts […]

Top Kitchen Garden Jobs In March

  Clouds of snow-white blackthorn blossoms are coating hedgerows, filling us with anticipation of what’s to come; woodlands turning assorted shades of green and the garden brimming with colour reminding us of a painter’s pallet.  Next week the clocks spring forward granting kitchen gardeners that all important extra hour to diligently plant, weed and tend […]

Are You Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Space?

With a little imagination the options to optimise this often under utilised domain really are endless. Whether it’s watching the rugby in your very own garden pub or scoring for your kids cricket match from your pavilion, we’re on hand to help you make your imaginings a reality.  Now’s the time to think about how […]

Glorious in the Garden Now: Chaenomeles Japonica 

Also known as Japanese quince this versatile plant, not to be confused with the quince tree, grows to approximately one and a half metres, and can be grown as a hedge, a shrub or trained as a climber.   Its tangle of thorny branches produces invaluable spring colour in the form of delicate five-petalled flowers varying […]

What to do now: Garden tasks for March 2020

I don’t think anyone isn’t glad to see the back of February this year. When we weren’t getting soaked to the skin and then getting soaked again, we were buffeted by a succession of storms that had us diving outside to move exposed pots to sheltered spots and check that ancient trees weren’t likely to […]

The Importance Of Native Planting

The image we get when picturing a quintessentially English country garden is anything but. With the abundance of plant species available to us from every corner of the globe it’s hardly surprising that our gardens are full of exotic flora; agapanthus from Africa, gaura from North America and magnolia from China, our gardens are a […]

Rain Gardens – Environmentally Friendly Flood Defenses

In the wake of Storm Dennis, we couldn’t help but be left thinking about ways that our gardens could be designed to sustainably reduce the risk of flooding in our towns and villages. It just so happens that there’s a garden design concept with a rather evocative name that does just the job – Rain […]

Why gardens are important

Intuitively, we all know that spending time outdoors is healthy and there are plenty of studies that tell us why gardening is good for us, but why are gardens important in themselves? Does spending time in any green space reap beneficial effects or does an ordered, well-managed and organised garden contribute more greatly to our […]

Soil – The Unsung Hero Of Your Garden

Brimming with invisible bacteria and living organisms, soil is a vital ingredient in a healthy ecosystem. Not only the home to burgeoning beds and rich green lawns but also feeding and enabling plant life to fight off pests and tolerate unseasonable climatic conditions. We’ve been taking a closer look at this unsung hero of the […]