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Caring for Charismatic Climbers

Image: Andrew Baskott/Alamy It’s time to give your vertical heroes some tender loving care and attention, but where to start?! Once again, we’ve had gardener’s Q&A with our team of intrepid horticulturists to tap their knowledge on how they nurture and care for charismatic climbers all over the region. Read on to discover the whys […]

What to do to in the garden now

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to be aware that we’ve just had an exceptional spell of record-breaking temperatures for what is late-winter/early spring. Yes, according to the meteorological calendar spring only begins on 1st March, and yet, we’ve been enjoying temperatures which we’d normally not see until May. It’s no […]

Raspberry Special: Growing Scotland’s Best Berries

                                                                         Image: James McIntyre & Sons Here at The Garden Barn, we’re rather partial to handfuls of delicious raspberries, especially […]

Winter Flowering Shrubs: Bringing Jewels to the Winter Garden

The grey chill of winter doesn’t have to mean a dearth of colour or scent in the garden. A careful, well-crafted planting scheme ensures the enjoyment of a sense-rich scene that delights all-year-round. As the snow melts unveiling the hardy little aconites and snowdrops peeking through the warming ground, we are busy nurturing winter-flowering shrubs […]

Hellebores: Winter’s Loveliest Luminaries

Here at The Garden Barn, we think there is little to better the feeling of gazing into the garden and spotting the first signs of life re-emerging. Heavenly hellebores lead the way as they peek through frost-covered beds. Hellebores come in a broad variety of shapes and colour, from the softly symmetrical to strikingly star-shaped. […]

Plant Colour Trends 2019

2018 saw big, bold yellows emblazoning borders. This wasn’t just a splash of sunshine here and there though, no, this was a full palette of yellows from lemon chiffon and pale daffodil to canary-yellow and rich buttery golds.  Elsewhere plummy, jammy tones lent moody romance to cottage gardens with an abundance of lupin spires adding […]

Potagers: Gardens Where Grace is Practically Perfect in Every Way

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” William Morris, February 1880 We believe the same to be true outside your houses too. It’s the New Year, and with all the bouncy optimism of a newborn lamb, you’re determined to blow the cobwebs out of […]

Too Late to Grapple Grapevines?

Vine pruning is an art shrouded with mystery and master vine-growers are often viewed with awe, even by horticulturalists, for the sheer depth and breadth of their knowledge of the multiple methods of revamping vines in order to bring forth the very juiciest bunches of berries (yes, technically, grapes are berries rather than fruits).   […]

Styling an Oxfordshire Gardener Natural Christmas Wreath

At first glance at this time of year, some gardens can seem as though they aren’t quite the bountiful havens of the summer months. But look a little deeper and you may find that, though less obvious, the winter garden can bring just as much natural beauty to your decor as the cutting garden during […]

What to do in Winter: Plan a Productive Kitchen Garden

There’s just 10 short days until the Winter Solstice, when days slowly begin to lengthen, heralding the approach of spring and gardens soon to burst back into life. We’re poised, brimming with anticipation, dreaming of the daffodils poking their heads through the current carpet of frost outside!    Whilst our team are still busy mulching […]