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Why gardens are important

Intuitively, we all know that spending time outdoors is healthy and there are plenty of studies that tell us why gardening is good for us, but why are gardens important in themselves? Does spending time in any green space reap beneficial effects or does an ordered, well-managed and organised garden contribute more greatly to our […]

Soil – The Unsung Hero Of Your Garden

Brimming with invisible bacteria and living organisms, soil is a vital ingredient in a healthy ecosystem. Not only the home to burgeoning beds and rich green lawns but also feeding and enabling plant life to fight off pests and tolerate unseasonable climatic conditions. We’ve been taking a closer look at this unsung hero of the […]

Landscaping For Young Ones: Gardens That Grow With Your Family

Already planning for the summer holidays? If you have children or young ones at home, then you may have found yourself dreading the overwhelming task of endlessly planning days out and other ways to keep them occupied. The time, effort and, not to mention, money that it takes to prize your little darlings away from […]

4 Superb Shrubs and Climbers for Springtime Garden Aromatherapy

Delight in the sweetest springtime garden scents. Our pick of the most fragrant plants to give your garden a mood-boosting lift: 1. Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star Jasmine) As the name suggests, Trachelospermum jasminoides or Star Jasmine in many ways mimics jasmine proper, both having exotic-looking creamy-white flowers and a captivating heavenly perfume, however, Trachelospermum jasminoides is […]

Why winter-pruning will leave your wisteria blooming beautifully

It’s time for winter-pruning wisteria. Here’s how a skilful twice-yearly pruning keeps them healthy and awash with blooms during their enchanting annual display. Wisteria will flower if left unchecked, but flowering can be much improved when given a summer and winter-pruning. Apart from encouraging blooms pruning twice-yearly also helps to keep over-vigorous extension growth in […]

Top Kitchen Garden Jobs In February

February has arrived bringing with it lengthening days and a fresh feeling of optimism. At the Garden Barn we delight in watching the gardens we care for start to wake from their wintery slumber and begin to show the first signs of life re-emerging. With majestic hellebores appearing though the frost, swathes of snowdrops and […]

Diary of a Brand New Kitchen Garden

Having been brought up on a farm the outdoors had been a huge part of my life, so when my husband and I moved back to Kirtlington from London in the spring of 2018, we arrived with a renewed vigour to shake off the remnants of city living and to live more sustainably.  By joining […]

Spring Forward: Getting the Garden Summer-Ready Now – Part 2

I ended last week on an optimistic note; the weather report promising that high pressure would move in, pushing away stormy skies and leaving us with a long-awaited weekend of winter sun. It did not disappoint. The low winter sun bathed pretty much the entire country in pale, pearly brightness, while freezing temperatures bejewelled the garden […]

Spring Forward: Getting the Garden Summer-Ready Now – Part 1

Glancing through the glazed panoramas of widescreen doors, watching the tail-end of a bruising January storm protest outside, I can’t help but wonder whether anyone who reads this might find it disconnectedly premature to be thinking about the heady, hazy, lazy garden-days of high summer to come. And yet now is precisely the right time […]

Top 8 winter trees & shrubs with splendid barks & foliage

Welcome to the second in our series on plants for creating winter interest in your garden. This week we’ve picked our top 8 winter trees & shrubs with splendid barks or foliage…or both. Whilst winter might not conjure up quite the number of plants to rival the fantastic displays of the warmer seasons, mother nature […]