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Putting down roots: Why bare-root planting is brilliant now

Each autumn inevitably brings with it the much-expected ‘putting the garden to bed’, but there’s so much more to autumn than preparing for dormancy. In fact, there are many things which can be done now to add to the garden’s fullness and growth, and one of those is bare-root planting.    Roots to Success We plan […]

Amazing Autumnal Woodland Walks For The Weekend

Spring and summer’s mild, showery seasons this year have set the stage for autumn to reveal one of its most dazzling shows of colour in recent years. The reds are richer, coppers brighter, ambers more burnished and golds more candescent, so it’s time to strike out on a woodland walk and envelope yourself in this […]

Revealed: The best time of year to prune trees & hedges

Our horticultural insider’s guide gives you the lowdown on when to prune your trees & shrubs, so join us on a journey through the joys of keeping green screens and boundaries at their sharp-suited best this autumn & winter.  In praise of the well-pruned hedge: Oh my, even the most relaxed and casually styled among […]

Glorious in the garden now…..

….Cyclamen At its best: Providing pretty spring-like colour from early autumn, through the depths of winter and beyond, these delicate-looking perennials are tougher than they appear.  Originating from the Mediterranean, modern hardy varieties all descend from Cyclamen persicum, which has been described in literature as far back as the 4th century BC.    It finally made […]

Inside Woodland Planting

If you’ve always been quite magnetised by forests and woodland, by how they can take you back to impish childhood ways, rustling through leaves, delighting in clusters of small, impossibly perfect snowdrops and carpets of bluebells or gazing skywards in awe of giant, sometimes other worldly trees, then muse with us for a minute on […]

Glorious in the Garden Now…

  …….Early Large-Flowered Clematis At it’s best: Despite being labelled ‘Early Large’, this group of clematis often follow their early summer show with an autumnal encore, given a light prune after their first flush. Indeed, they can also be referred to as group 2 or repeat-flowering, as many can continue to flower right through from […]

Meet the Wildflower Meadow Whisperer

Everyone at The Oxfordshire Gardener has their own special area of interest and expertise, and with autumn being spot-on for sowing a wildflower meadow, what better time to catch-up with our resident wildflower whisperer, Sasha.  Working in Gardens As the Autumn Equinox fades into the background, and the days are getting shorter it brings around […]

Now Sowing: What to Plant in Autumn Kitchen Garden

The myriad benefits of growing your own are widely known and have been much talked of in recent years, and here at The Garden Barn we’ve seen a rise in the number of customers asking us to design, install and manage kitchen gardens or potagers, or to rejuvenate and care for existing fruit and vegetable […]

20 Remarkable Facts About Lawns

Desirous of the velvety pile of a luxury grade lawn? As well as being pleasing to the eye and relaxing, there are many benefits lawns bring to help the ecosystem too.  The verdancy of your lawn depends upon the species of grass, the amount of fertilisation, the time of year, climate, aspect and rainfall/hydration levels. […]

Lets Eat Out: Maximise Your Garden’s Entertaining Potential

The bank holiday is upon us, as is Alex James’ Big Feastival with its vast array of delicious treats on offer. Remarkably for a bank holiday, it looks like the heat is on for the weekend too! Which has us thinking… how we can emulate the veritable banquet of delectable delights at the Big Feastival, […]