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Glorious in the garden now….September

…Anenome ‘September Charm’ At it’s best: ‘September Charm’ flowers in August and, as it’s name suggests, September, making it a top choice for our ‘plant of the month’. Its host of soft pink slightly cupped, yet saucer-shaped flowers are a deeper pink on the underside of it’s petals and are set-off splendidly by its yellow […]

How to… create a stunning late-summer planter

The Oxfordshire Gardener shows us how to put together a gorgeous display of late-summer colour Ingredients: 1 x Dahlia ‘Bishop of Leicester’ 1 x Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Overdam’ 2 x Agastache ‘Black Adder’ 2 x Crocosmia 2 x Gaura 2 x Persicaria affines ‘Darjeeling Red’ 1 x Physalis ‘Gigantea’  Method: Fill a water bath or […]

Bring your holiday home….the Italian Garden

 Image: Kim Newton / Alamy  Returning from a Roman holiday? Missing the Mediterranean? Read on for our top tips on bringing an artfully elegant latin look to your garden. It’s all Greek… You might figure that the gardens of grand Renaissance Villas like those at Villa d’Este and Villa Lante, represent the birth of the classical Italian […]

Glorious in the garden now…

  …Achillea ‘Terracotta’ At it’s best: Achilleas generally flower from July through August and September, providing colour ranging from whites, pinks and reds through to shades of yellow and muted orange tones, perfect for reflecting the hazy golden sunlight of late summer and early autumn. Foliage is fernlike, sometimes silvery and downy. The seed-heads continue […]

Maths and mindful planting, an unparelleled Oxford garden comes to fruition

The Oxford Seat of Learning Garden A mathematician’s mind of circular geometry, vertical dimensions and precision joinery influenced this shape-shifting landscaping project in Summertown, Oxford. A natural stone pathway sweeps with exactitude towards a circular seating area, graced with a majestic arc of Taxus baccata.  Made-to-measure diamond trellis panels add depth and dimension, offering not only support […]

Waking up to Autumn’s jewels

Planting Autumn’s natural jewel colours to pep your mood Gaze out on an autumn morn at ruby reds, the lustre of emerald greens dappled with soft sapphire pinks swaying in the breeze. Helenium ‘Moorheim Beauty’, with its blousy ruby-red flowers has great textural form planted in long swathes with a plethora of echinaceas (pinks and whites), feathery grasses and rudbeckias […]

Tall, beautiful pleached and in glorious colour?

When we think of pleached trees and panels we tend to think of tall and green, screens of deciduous natives; hornbeams or lime. Ah but there is so much more, seek out the spectrum of colours with seasonal interests to add to the garden. Great backdrops; straight or in an arc to underplant and create […]

Rejuvenating a Victorian garden in Oxford

Victorian garden in Oxford A Victorian garden in Winchester Road, Oxford with a long and elegant garden required some rejuvenation and a refocus. Simon worked with the client who was looking for a classic Oxford garden design and landscaping ideas, together they developed the garden design to maximise the light and form of the garden, starting with an […]

Idea for Spring window box, pot or basket

Looking for something a bit different to give a great display and last through Spring…into Summer? Athyrium niponicum var. pictum, the painted lady fern will brighten a shady area with its spectacular wine-red petioles and richly coloured fronds. If it does catch a little sun the colours become more intense. Here we have planted painted […]

Mad about Muscari?

Grape hyacinths…do you love them, dislike them or really know them? Many gardeners view grape hyacinths as ruffians, seeding freely and producing masses of tiny bulbils. But these delightful scented spring bulbs can be used in a wide variety of situations; you just need to know which plant to choose. Naturalising – The cultivars of Muscari […]

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