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Glorious in the Garden Now…

…….Geums At it’s best: There’s a delicious pop of colour in our containers at The Garden Barn at the moment and it’s coming from one of our current favourite plant picks – Geum ‘Mai Tai’ from the Cocktails Series – which has got us thinking about this reliably attractive, though somewhat unappreciated plant. The large, […]

Amazing Tree Houses

It’s not only children whose sense of wonder and adventure shines when scaling the rungs up to their very own secluded getaway, adults too find climbing to a castle in the canopy exhilarating with their very own amazing tree houses. Often the mention of tree houses evokes visions of rickety shacks, precariously balanced on a […]

Simon’s Top Jobs for This Week!

Spring has officially sprung, bringing with it an optimistic air of new beginnings. Bulbs are slowly retreating back into their subterranean hibernation, herbaceous borders are expanding at a rate of knots and the heady scent of freshly mown grass is filling the air.  With this in mind, Simon has shared with us what has been […]

Designing for Outdoor Living

If you want to maximise on outdoor living, especially in the spring and summer months, then there’s no time like the present to plan and prep your garden landscape. Time spent thinking about how your outdoor areas could become more inviting, usable spaces now, could mean that as the warmer months roll onto the horizon […]

Tulips: Flower Fever & Paradise Gardens

A long Easter weekend is imminent and the air all around is buzzing with the news that this is due to be a double-bank holiday of sunshine and summerly temperatures; a combination that will surely encourage garden-lovers everywhere out into their green spaces to delight in discovering which winter-forgotten plants have emerged from their earthy […]

Landscaping on a Grand Scale (plus some suggestions for smaller schemes too)

This spring sees us busily bringing to life some truly grand garden designs and the buzz of sculpting the land into such Miltonic dioramas has our creative kundalini flowing at full pelt, dreaming up new visions for future landscapes. A positively balmy February, followed by a lovely temperate March (albeit with a bit of a […]

Caring for Charismatic Climbers

Image: Andrew Baskott/Alamy It’s time to give your vertical heroes some tender loving care and attention, but where to start?! Once again, we’ve had gardener’s Q&A with our team of intrepid horticulturists to tap their knowledge on how they nurture and care for charismatic climbers all over the region. Read on to discover the whys […]

What to do to in the garden now

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to be aware that we’ve just had an exceptional spell of record-breaking temperatures for what is late-winter/early spring. Yes, according to the meteorological calendar spring only begins on 1st March, and yet, we’ve been enjoying temperatures which we’d normally not see until May. It’s no […]

Raspberry Special: Growing Scotland’s Best Berries

                                                                         Image: James McIntyre & Sons Here at The Garden Barn, we’re rather partial to handfuls of delicious raspberries, especially […]

Winter Flowering Shrubs: Bringing Jewels to the Winter Garden

The grey chill of winter doesn’t have to mean a dearth of colour or scent in the garden. A careful, well-crafted planting scheme ensures the enjoyment of a sense-rich scene that delights all-year-round. As the snow melts unveiling the hardy little aconites and snowdrops peeking through the warming ground, we are busy nurturing winter-flowering shrubs […]